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Which natural stone pool deck should I go for?


Building a new swimming pool and patio using stone masonry design

The area surrounding the backyard swimming pool is not only a place to get-together, but also defines your personality and style. There are many natural and artificial stones that can be used to create a chic pool deck. But poolscape made from natural stone should be treated with the proper sealer to resist changes in weather, chemicals in the pool and rough use. Here are a few natural stones that can be used for your pool:

  • Bluestone pool – This kind of flagstone is perfect for outdoor purpose as it is non-slippery, water resistant and hardwearing. This blue-gray Bluestone comes in three finishes – thermal, natural cleft and honed.
  • Coral stone swimming pool – It comprises of coral, shell fossils, sand and limestone. The material can withstand extreme climate changes, saltwater, chemicals in the pool, rough use, making it suitable for pool decking and coping. Used in tropical areas, it is non-slippery, absorbs heat and easy to maintain.
  • Flagstone pool design It comes in earthy colors and has a non-slippery surface, resists moisture and heat and meant for rough use. It is low maintenance because of its dense texture. It can be easily installed if you prefer various shapes and sizes.
  • Granite backyard pools – It is difficult to obtain these dark colored natural stones. It repels water and has a glossy finish. Granite is best for designs that have motifs and for elegant settings.

Backyard Swimming Pool Materials

  • Limestone – It retains its beauty for long and is used for pool coping too. Durable and attractive, limestone can face severe weather changes. It comes in gray, blue, brown and pink and can be cut in different shapes and sizes.
  • Slate – It is a kind of flagstone know for its hard-wearing characteristics. It can be cut in different length and width. The colors range from black to brown to rust to blue-gray to green and purple. It is long-lasting and suitable for the natural and traditional space.
  • Sandstone – It is made of quartz grains and comes in light brown or red color. It is ideal for pools because of its color and texture. Pool designers prefer this natural stone because the material can be abundantly found without having to worry about¬† extreme color changes.
  • Travertine – It is durable, porous in nature and absorbs water immediately, making it slip-free. It can withstand changes in weather, including freeze-thaw. It comes in ivory, light brown, brown and gold colors and in three finishes – tumbled (porous and textures), honed (smooth and matte finish) and polished (smooth and shiny). It is mainly used for artistic purpose.

Hire a pool designer to know which natural stone will suit your pool deck.

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