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4 Simple ways to make a small bathroom look bigger

Modern dark bathroom with toilet and freestanding bathtub

By making some big and small modifications in your bathroom you can make your bathroom appear bigger. For this purpose there are various bathroom renovation companies, which can adequately accomplish the bathroom renovation task for you. The bathrooms, which are shown in Hollywood movies, have luxurious bath area, spacious dressing room and soothing aura. The reality is different from this. The bathroom that you have in your home is so cramped that you do not feel comfortable there at all! You might think that in order to enjoy luxury bathroom the only option is custom made home but this is not true.

How to make any bathroom appear bigger?

It might happen that even after bathroom remodeling; you do not get satisfactory outcomes! You have some different purpose of remodeling and your bathroom remodeling contractor have some different vision! Don’t worry, if your motto for a bathroom remodeling project is to make your bathroom look bigger then read below mentioned ideas and make your contractor work according to your ideas.

Make your bathroom appear bigger

#1: Keep everything in the same shade: Yes, this is a proven trick to make your bathroom appear more spacious. The color of wall, tile, bathtub, toilet seat etc. should match with each other. After making this change you will find that your bathroom is actually looking bigger.

#2: Go for light shades: Paint play important role in adorning your bathroom. Instead of dark shades, prefer light shades. Take suggestion of your bathroom contractor for choosing appropriate light color for bathroom walls and floor. It would be better if you opt for white.

#3: The bathroom furniture: You need to think in smartly while installing furniture in your bathroom. Yes, you do need bathroom cabinets for storing bathroom stuff. Now, you can get your bathroom cabinets underneath of your wash basin. The bathroom countertop will act like the roof of your bathroom furniture. This will not only look beautiful, but also save plenty of space.

#4: Brighten up the Room: In order to create a good aura inside the bathroom, you need to pay special heed over lightning. Along with lights, you can have one full size mirror in your bathroom. The mirror will reflect the light and brighten up your bathroom. Also, the mirror will create a virtual dimension in your bathroom which will virtually increase its size. For this purpose you need to hire an experienced handyman.



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