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What Are The Different Types Of Bathroom Wall Panels

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Tiles are commonly used for bathroom walls and they have many benefits. But if you want to make your bathroom unique and fresh during your bathroom remodel, you may be considering wall panels for your bathroom. They have several benefits over tiles such as lesser cost, modern designs, and easier installation on any surface. Let’s discuss the different types of bathroom wall panels.

PVC Wall Panels

These wall panels for bathrooms are durable yet cheap. They are made with PVC which is a kind of synthetic plastic. Moreover, you can choose any design, length, and style because they can be molded into anything. You can also choose from rigid or flexible PVC wall panels.

These panels are thick but lightweight given that they are made entirely of plastic. The design choices are unlimited so they can also give the impression of stones or tiles.

Furthermore, their synthetic abilities allow them to be waterproof so they are perfect for use in bathrooms. Plus, they are also easy to clean. However, most types of wall panels are made to be easy to clean.

When choosing PVC wall panels, select high-quality, thicker panels because they will last longer. You can install them yourself as well.

Acrylic Bathroom Wall Panels

Acrylic wall panels have similarities with PVC panels. However, Acrylic panels are the slimmest type of bathroom wall panels yet they are much heavier compared to PVC due to their dense composition.

These panels are stain-resistant. Also, they offer a glossy effect to the walls without installing glass panels which are costlier and delicate.

You can install these shower panels yourself, but it’s recommended to get them installed by professionals because these panels can crack during installation if not done correctly.

FRP Wall Panels (Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic)

It is considered a cheap and temporary choice for wall panels. People use them where they need the cheapest bathroom wall. Due to this, they are considered for bathroom walls of a rental.

Keep in mind that FRP wall panels fade over time and are also prone to scratches. Install them only if you need a dirt-cheap option and don’t have issues with the disadvantages it comes with.

Pure Fiberglass Wall Panels

They are one notch better than FRP panels as they are thicker. Their price is also low but a little higher than FRP. But also fade quickly over time and stain easily so scratches will be visible sometime after the installation.

Laminated MDF Wall Panels

They are the thickest and heaviest bathroom and shower wall panels. Their structure is made of two different materials: plywood (MDF) and high-pressure laminate. Plywood is used as the slid core which is sealed from both sides with waterproof, high-pressure laminate. This is why they are heavy and thick.

Laminate is a synthetic material which means you can select many designs even those which resemble stones or tiles. Laminated MDF panels offer a luxurious finish and this is why the price is on the higher end as well.

They are costly but are less durable than PVC because, with time, the core material becomes warped with moisture. To avoid this problem, go for plywood core instead of MDF when selecting a wall panel.

Natural Stone Wall Panels

These wall panels are the costliest and offer the most luxury. You can choose popular stones like granite and marble as wall panels for your bathroom that will only add to the beauty and luxury of the bathroom.

Natural stone panels are hard to install and require a professional to carry out the installation process without damaging the stone.

Glass Wall Panels

Another expensive and luxury wall panel, it offers the uniqueness of the glass and a spa-like feel to your bathroom. They also make a small bathroom look bigger.

If you’re afraid that it will crack, choose the thickest variant and for privacy, navigate through different colors like iron, bronze, and others.

Cleaning glass wall panels is easy but stains can be spotted easily on the glass so you may have to clean it regularly.


Choose the wall panels that complement your bathroom and fit your budget. We recommend PVC wall panels for their durability and affordability. Consult bathroom remodeling contractors to install bathroom wall panels and upgrade your bathroom without breaking the bank. abbro

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