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Maintain the Beauty of Wooden Shutters With These Cleaning Tips

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For you to preserve your wooden shutters and make them look their best for a long time, regular cleaning and maintenance is highly recommended. The great news is that today’s shutters, whether decorative or functional, are very easy to maintain, and it will be a total breeze to clean them regularly if you will follow the simple steps below:

Dust It the Right Way

Experts recommend that you use ostrich or lamb’s wool feather duster for all kinds of shutter materials, ranging from wood up to faux wood. Such special types of duster will be able to flick off any dust rather quickly. These cleaners can also go through slats with great ease, not to mention that these are very soft so there is no need for you to worry that they will accidentally scratch the finish while cleaning your shutters.

All you need to do is slight down every slat of the window shutter, then dust away using a downward stroke. First, you have to do one side before you dust the other side. This is something that you should always do before you use a damp cloth for wiping the surfaces of the slats. This is an effective way to prevent the griming particles from clumping together in those difficult to reach corners the moment liquids have been introduced. Another great alternative that you can use is a static cling duster.

Do a Gentle Rubdown

Give your whole window structure with a gentle rubdown with the use of a dry and clean cloth. This should be done on both sides. Use warm water to dampen the cloth then wipe it on all the visible surfaces. Don’t spray directly on your shutters. It is a must that you avoid the use of cleaning solutions which could potentially damage the surface of your shutters.

Get Rid of Any Fluid

Wipe away any liquid with the use of a different dry cleaning cloth. Don’t just let the liquid to dry on the shutter surface since this could leave stains or water marks.

Vacuum Up

Finally, sweep away or vacuum any debris that might have fallen to your floors after you finished dusting. It will reduce the risk of dust ending up floating back to your shutters while you clean the rest of your house.

Hardwood shutters are investments that you have to preserve, and the tips above can help you do exactly just that.

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