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What are the Effects of a Dirty Air Conditioner?

Repairman checking outside air conditioning unit for voltage.

It is highly recommended to hire an ac technician for regular maintenance and cleaning of your air conditioning unit. If air conditioner maintenance is avoided for a long time, dust buildup may create performance as well as efficiency issues. Because of presence of dirt your air conditioner will get heated fast and also consume more energy to offer desired cooling.

How do air conditioning units get dirty?

In order to cool the air, air conditioners pull-in the air present inside your room. As this happens, the dirt present in your room caught by the system. Then, along with air, dirt travels in the vents until stopped by air filters. If you have good quality air filter maximum dirt will get trapped in the filter, otherwise dirt will travel further. Dirt can also accumulate on outdoor air conditioning units, simply because of time and avoided cleaning.

Effects of a Dirty Air Conditioner

Airflow can get clogged

In case your air filter gets covered with dirt, the airflow of your cooling system will severely become impaired. That is because air handler has to work very hard to push air out from the clogged air filter. This increases the energy consumption of your air conditioner and may also damage the air handler.

Air handler can slow down

If air filters are not cleaned or changed for a long time, other parts of air conditioner may also get affected by dirt. Dirt will accrue on fan blade and do not allow fan to spin at fast speed. As a consequence, your fan might not function powerfully enough to meet the airflow demands of your home. The fan will also consume more power to operate. This will hike your energy bill to a great extent.

Cooling coils can lose efficiency

A layer of dirt on cooling coil can damage the ability of your AC to effectively cool your home and may result in frozen evaporator coils.

These are some baneful effects of the dirt accumulation on the air conditioning unit. With preventive maintenance and ac tune up, it is absolutely possible to prevent air conditioner from getting dirty.

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