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All you want to know about sleep problems during pregnancy

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During pregnancy, there will be hormone level changes in women and this may causes some sleep doctor bethesda during pregnancy. Different trimesters in pregnancy have its own sleep related problems. National sleep foundation has categorically defined the following as the changes that may occur in different trimesters.

First trimester

  • Increased need to go to bathroom necessitating frequent interruptions in sleep.
  • Physical and emotional stress associated with pregnancy causing disruption in sleep.
  • More sleepiness during daytime.

Second trimester

  • Discomfort caused as a result of growing belly
  • Leg cramps, heartburns, and sinus congestion
  • Baby’s changing position causes pressure on bladder tempting for frequent urination

Second trimester in pregnant women  is filled with  pregnant and insomnia problems.

Third trimester

  • Your growing belly causes much discomfort
  • Leg cramps, heartburns, and sinus congestion
  • Baby’s changing position causes pressure on bladder once again, tempting for frequent urination.

Tips for getting better sleep during pregnancy

Some tips   suggested by sleep study experts after conducting intensive study in a sleep center are detailed below. Practicing one or more of the below mentioned tips will help to solve pregnant and insomnia problems.

Extra pillows:  Extra pillows can be provided for increasing the comfort during sleeping and to provide better support to your tummy as well as back. Providing a pillow between your legs will be helpful in supporting the lower back. It will also make sleeping on your side easier. Special types of pillows like wedge-shaped pillows and full body length pillows can be used to add comfort and convenience to the pregnant woman.

  • Nutrition: Taking a glass of warm mild before going for sleep has been found to be very good in getting sleep faster and for getting sound sleep. Foods which are rich in carbohydrates like bread or crackers are also good in promoting good sleep. Snacks which are rich in protein can increase the blood levels thereby keeping bad dreams, hot flashes headaches away.
  • Relaxation techniques: Relaxation techniques like meditation, yoga, massage, stretching etc and a warm shower before bed can make one more calm and this relaxed mindset will help the pregnant woman in getting a better and sound sleep during night.
  • Exercise: There is no doubt that regular exercise during pregnancy can promote physical as well as mental health. Exercises also help you to get a more sound sleep than usual. However care should be taken to see that the exercises do not cross the limit and become strenuous and exhausting.  Experts of sleep center unanimously advice after complete sleep study that it is better not to do any vigorous exercise within 4 hours of your regular bedtime.
  • Medications: It is better to avoid any kind of prescribed or over the counter medications during pregnancy for sleep related matters. Some drugs have the potency to hurt the developing baby. However there are some medications that are better for pregnant and insomnia There is nothing wrong in taking such medicines prescribed by the doctors of the sleep center gaithersburg after confirming that all sleep study procedures have been completed.

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