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6 Questions To Ask A Hair Transplant Clinic Before Deciding To Get Hair Transplants

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Before committing to go forward with the procedure of hair transplant, here is a list of questions you need to ask hair transplant doctors, which will not only save you from extra expenses, but they will also put your mind at ease so that the surgical process is smooth for you.

Presence of a Doctor During the Procedure

This is a very important question and concern. It is your right to ask your hair transplant specialist, whether or not a doctor will be present to supervise the surgery or not. A doctor’s supervision is very important for something like a hair transplant. One tip for you to find out if your clinic is reliable for transplant or not, is to find out the rates or prices for the procedure before deciding to go with it yourself. If the clinic offers ridiculously low prices for a hair transplant, then it means that there won’t be a doctor supervising the procedure, which is a bad sign and you need to immediately cancel your commitment with this clinic. Make sure you are going to a clinic that has doctors and certified personnel, who will take care of you, whilst the procedure is happening.

Is the Doctor Qualified?

This is also a very important query to ask your hair transplant specialist beforehand. Let’s say that your clinic does allow supervision of doctors, whilst the procedure is happening, but one main concern should be whether the doctor who is supervising the procedure is qualified enough to perform hair transplant or not. Qualified doctors are super important for these types of surgeries and procedures, because something or anything can go wrong, and the doctor should be able to mitigate the situation before it gets out of hands. This is why you should make sure that you are in safe hands, and the doctor is qualified enough to safely perform surgery on you, without any complications or mistakes.

Does the Clinic Have the Proper Equipment?

Hair transplant procedures require specialized equipment and certifications. If a clinic doesn’t seem to have any of those equipment or proper privileges, then this is not the right place to get the procedure done. You need to find a clinic that has certifications, proper equipment and good hygiene conditions, so that you don’t contract a disease or infection from the clinic.

Do You Need a Hair Transplant?

This question matters a lot, and this has to do with deep research about your hair type and loss level. If you are just starting to lose hair, because of stress and not mainly because of age, then you can go about other ventures rather than hair transplant to tackle the problem. Also, if you don’t have thick hair, then a hair transplant might not be the best option for you. People with thin hair don’t have successful hair transplants, and their expectations are shattered because of it. So, before committing to a procedure like this, make sure your expectations are realistic and you fit the criteria of a perfect hair transplant candidate.

Is the Transplant Going to Be One-Time Only?

This depends on your hair type and the criteria in which you lie for being a transplant candidate. Sometimes, for some people, hair transplants can be a one-hit wonder and they don’t need touch-ups or regular check-ups afterwards. Other times, some people need to get their transplants re-touched and re-done, because their hair are not preferable for a perfect procedure. This is different for every person, which is why you should first do detailed homework whether or not you are a perfect candidate for transplant or not.

What Will Be the Results?

As mentioned previously, the outcome for hair transplants can be different for every single person. If you have small bald spots and your hair is relatively thick, then you can expect reasonable results, which will make you happy and you will leave feeling satisfied. This all boils down to your hair type, how much hair you have lost, and it also has a lot to do with keeping your expectations minimal and realistic. Moreover, it also depends on the expertise of the specialist so choosing the perfect hair transplantation clinic is also important.

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