How To Plan A Hybrid Event?

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The Covid-19 pandemic was a tough time for businesses but it gave birth to a lot of other events. Before the pandemic, there was no concept of hybrid events. Today, hybrid events are more popular than ever giving the audience the option to either attend online or offline based on their convenience. Hybrid events offer many benefits but some people still struggle with planning as they have to take care of more technical side of things as well for which AV equipment rentals do help. So, let’s know what you need to come up with a perfect hybrid event plan.

The Purpose For The Event

The most important thing you need to keep in mind before you begin planning a hybrid event is setting out a vision and purpose for the event. The goal of setting a vision and purpose is to enable you to move in the right direction. Hybrid events are held for a variety of reasons. It could be that some important attendees are not able to reach on time or are busy with their schedules.

In such cases, attending events just by sitting at home on a laptop is a more feasible option. No doubt, hybrid events can get seriously confusing. In most cases, the planners and audience have no idea what to expect. This is where setting up a vision comes in. You will know what you want to achieve so you will know what you want to do. This will ensure clarity about what the audience can expect.

Keep in mind that the audience is only driven by the content being presented. If they find it of no interest, they might not attend the event. That said, put some time and effort into making the content informational and interesting. The more the attendees, the higher the success possibility of the event.

Create A Detailed Event Plan

Another necessary factor that needs consideration is creating a detailed event plan. Some people confuse vision and purpose with planning but they are separate things. Planning is all about ensuring everything goes smoothly while being ready to tackle any unexpected complications.

Part of planning involves having the right team, choosing the right event production service MD, and distributing rules & responsibilities to your team so that everyone is clear about what they need to do. There is a lot that goes into managing a hybrid event, which means you need to plan everything through.

The best way to do that is by handling both online and offline events individually. Instead of working on them at the same time, you should manage whichever comes first and then move on to the next. This will help you focus on the minor details that are easy to ignore while being carried away by the pressure. If you have important people coming over from different countries, you need to make sure they are looked after.

Check if there are any personal preferences or needs. Keep in mind that people attending from home might also have some demands. Therefore, you need to be aware of them and make sure they are fulfilled before the event takes place.

The Platform For The Hybrid Event

When managing a hybrid event, you need to choose the hybrid event platform wisely. Choosing a venue or location for an in-person event is relatively easier than choosing one for a hybrid event. You need to make sure the venue is a perfect platform for accommodating both types of attendees.

For a hybrid event, you will need a venue that offers screen recording, live streaming, tech support, engagement features, etc. Before you can make a final decision, always have multiple options in hand. Venues can become busy during the event season and you might not be able to get hold of one.

So, plan ahead of time and be careful with the decision. While the attendees personally attending the event might not struggle with the event, virtual attendees might be busy and have certain demands as mentioned earlier. So, adjust the time accordingly and provide content on demand so that they can easily access it.

Tailor The Content To Your Audience

A common mistake made by event planners is tailoring the content in a way that makes them appear as two separate events. Instead, they should plan the event in a way that offers the attendees two different experiences under the same platform.

The best way to do that is by tailoring the content according to the audience. Do not expect the audience to settle for content they don’t like or is related to only one type. For instance, you should not include any activities that are not doable for some of your audience members.

Prepare your presenters and make sure they have everything they need to host the event. Ensure the content is relevant to both sides of the attendees or offer them an alternative. At the same time, keep your audience engaged by conducting live polls and Q&As.

Communicate With Your Attendees

Communicating with the attendees is a great opportunity for you to get the word out. For a hybrid event, you need to create a webpage allowing the attendees to visit and access all the information required. A few days or weeks before the event is supposed to take place, send out reminders to build anticipation.

Furthermore, while the event is taking place, make sure to keep a high level of communication as well. Attendees visiting the venue will need help with accessing the session, registering, etc. To answer their questions, lay down everything on a pamphlet and hand it over.

This will help the attendees look for answers if they are faced with confusion or questions midway through the event.

Have Backup

Hybrid events require a lot for them to be successful. While efforts and dedication are one thing, having the right equipment and tools along with backup is another. Electronic appliances add a lot of convenience but can give up without any signs and symptoms.

Imagine the internet connection giving up in the middle of the event due to a device malfunction. To tackle such issues, you need to keep backup equipment. Microphones, projectors, speakers, etc. should all have backups in case either of them decides not to work.

If possible, you should also provide options or alternatives to the attendees attending virtually. This way, you can easily prevent lags or cut-offs as the event takes place. For instance, if the attendee does not have a high-performance microphone, you can ship one over.

You will need to be clear about the prerequisites of attending the event online with your virtual attendees. This will help both you and them manage the requirements and ensure they are a perfect match before the event takes place.


In the end, planning and managing a hybrid event is never going to be easy. However, you can plan and be ready to tackle the unexpected. You will have to consult different vendors and also audio visual rentals Maryland for your hybrid event. With everything set up, you are in a better position to manage the event with every possible solution in hand. It’s important to set your priorities and keep an eye on every major aspect of the event.

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