Pros And Cons Of Arranging A Small Wedding

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People these days are more inclined towards small weddings because of the havoc COVID-19 has wreaked upon the whole human race. However, having a small wedding comes with its own pros and cons. One main pro is that you spend less money on wedding tent rentals and other arrangements.

Here’s a list of advantages and disadvantages small weddings tend to bring with them.

Pros Of A Small Wedding

Saves a lot of money

The best thing about small weddings is it gets you to save a lot of money. You do not have to invite half the city over to your wedding ceremony, you just got to have your loved ones around to bless you and your significant other. What good can you achieve out of inviting a plethora of barely known people to your wedding? They might not even be interested in wishing you all the very best for your future endeavors, they are going to end up gossiping about food and other stuff. Save your money and invest it in your future instead of wasting it on a grand-scale wedding.

With fewer people in presence, there’s no performance anxiety

When there are lots of people around you, it’s only natural to feel slightly nervous as to whether or not you would be able to carry yourself gracefully. You can do away with this unnecessary anxiety by reducing the number of guests. You don’t have to invite a sea of people as it might give you performance anxiety.

It is indeed very difficult to hide your nervousness; it becomes obvious at some point and you are more prone to making gaffes in this situation. You know what, you glow differently when you are relaxed and under no pressure, and that’s why you should totally go for a small and intimate wedding.

A chance to come up with many DIYs

Just because it is not going to be a grand wedding, you don’t have to hire vendors who are maestros of their own fields. You can do many things by showing some creativity of your own and some videos on YouTube. This will not just help you save a a lot of bucks, it will also allow you to give your wedding a personal touch. So, don’t think a lot, let your creative juices flow and see what wonders you come up with.

Cons Of A Small Wedding

A lot of people you see next time would be rolling their eyes at you

Some people might be expecting to get an invitation to your wedding and when they don’t receive one, they are going to get disappointed. They might not come and complain about it right to your face, but they would certainly let you learn about their resentment through non-verbal gestures. Some people are big-hearted enough to not notice these trivial things, they would definitely come and congratulate you the moment you run into them, but there is another kind of people who are always looking for a reason to be piqued and such people might give you an air of displeasure.

The lesser the number of guests, the lesser the gifts

There might not be many advantages to a big wedding except for the one that ascertains every guest coming with a separate gift. It is always exciting to open all the gifts with your spouse the very next day of your wedding, you can deprive yourself of this thing if you choose to make an intimate wedding happen. If you invite a bunch of people who have always been close to you, you might already be able to predict what gifts they came up with — there will be no element of surprise.

You might have nothing to flaunt on your social media handles

People these days do everything to show off on social media, especially those Instagram photos that have to look lit whenever you post about an event of your life. And, a wedding is probably the biggest and most awaited event of anyone’s life — how could it be any lesser than sumptuous? If you choose to settle for anything less than a king-size wedding, you might not have a lot of great stuff to show your distant relatives and virtual friends. If you are mature enough to let go of the thought of a fairytale wedding, you are all good for a small wedding. Get in contact with wedding party rentals Rockland NY for essentials and have an intimate wedding.

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