How to plan a wedding if you are on a budget?

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Planning a wedding can be a hectic thing to do especially if you are the bride. This can be even more difficult when you are on a budget. Throughout the entire planning period, you must stay organised. Staying organised will help you allocate the budget much more efficiently. The décor part of your wedding planning will take up most of your budget. You will need to rent a bunch of different things including chairs, tables, dinnerware etc. To cut down the costs you will need to book your party rentals in advance to avoid unnecessary expenditure.

Planning a wedding on a budget

Let this guide help you plan the perfect wedding while staying close to your budget:

Venue Services and Policies

Every venue has its rules and policies hence you must know exactly what they are. Some locations may provide some services of their own such as dinnerware, tents and other rentals. Sometimes these rentals from the venue are expensive, so ensure that you are allowed to use private rental services instead. In the case that you are planning a wedding at a unique venue know that you will be required to take care of all the things on your own. Perhaps sticking to the venue’s services is a far safer option than bringing in your own.


One cannot stress enough on bookings in advance. It makes the entire process easier and a lot less expensive. With the wedding, seasons comes a lot of demand which increases the entire costs of the wedding. Try to avoid popular wedding dates as the prices tend to rise during this busy time of the year. Opting for a different time may help you steer clear of any blunders.

Friends and family discounts

Do you or your friends know anyone with businesses that can work to your wedding receptions benefit? Well if you don’t then start looking for some. Gather information from your friends who recently got married. You could even ask around to have an idea of the market prices. Try catching on to the early bird discounts and bookings before it’s too late. Hiring a wedding planner can get rid of all the headache that wedding planning can bring about and help you score discounts by getting complete wedding packages.

Multi-purpose rentals

Having ceremony and reception sites closer can work to your advantage. You won’t have to rent separate accessories for each event. Instead, reuse your rented items to avoid extra expenditure. While everyone enjoys their drinks have a moving agency or your close friends move the items to the new location. You could even change their looks by adding a different tablecloth to the tables and add sashes to the chairs.

Splitting costs

One trick that no one knows about is the splitting of cost with another couple having a wedding on the same day. You can ask your venue or Event rentals Rockland NY if there are any weddings booked on the same day or a day after who will also be willing to divide the cost of the rentals evenly with you. If you do happen to do this make sure you have figured out the logistics of picking up and delivering it on to your venue to avoid any confusion.


So to sum it up you should book in advance to steer clear of any last-minute problems and obtain the maximum number of discounts. Hope you have a happy wedding!


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