7 Things You Can Do To Leave A Lasting Impression On Your Customers

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A positive lasting impression on customers is extremely important in business to keep yourself on the path success. This is the only way review management systems would work for you, because if there are only bad feedback, review management would be pointless. Thanks to my Master’s degree in Business, I have gathered some quick tips to help you impress your customers.

Be a Good Listener

It is a basic factor in any business for keeping your customers involved with you. When you listen to your customers, you are paying attention to them which makes them feel secure. They get a strong feeling that they can easily talk about their needs and that they can take their time while you won’t get bored until they have finished. Honestly, this one factor has so much strength in it which many people lacks to understand while they work hard for long term customers with no good results.

Make Them Feel Special

You can do that by serving them in an exclusive way so they can get overwhelmed with your services. For instance, ask them to introduce themselves first with their names or professions and then try to offer them customized services as per their requirements. Especially if your business includes regular dealing with direct customers then it is a great chance to grab the market response quite easily. You can show them the current discount offers without them asking you first or you can offer them the membership card as well which may include exclusive deals.

Always Make Eye Contact with Customers

Eye contact plays a very important role in making long term customers where they feel important and they can discuss their requirements quite easily. Try to ask them questions about their requirements so they can feel that you are listening to them and paying proper attention to their needs. When you ask questions and suggest them some good ideas, customers can feel your involvement and like your approach to make your customers feel important. This gesture is definitely making them come back to you again and again for a long time.

Learn Some Humor

People never like boring and long meetings when there is nothing to discuss other than work. No matter how professional you are, it is important to make people laugh and make them feel relaxed after every hour or so which can make your discussion even more productive. Also, humor makes it easy for breaking ice and remove initial awkwardness if the meeting is being conducted for the first time between you both. It also makes your customers feel that you are not a tough person to deal with and they can easily share their reservations or preferences.

Be Honest with Your Customers

Everyone wants to listen to fairy tales like ideal results in the end but you know very well that idealism is not possible to achieve. Yes, you can try to reach your ideal level as much as possible with your hard work but committing ideal results to someone is clearly lying. You should realize the fact that it is very important to be real and honest with your customers. Don’t lie to them if something is not possible, just let them know the reason why their demand is unachievable. Tell you customers the facts and let them know timely if any risk is associated with their project. This shows your transparency with your customers leaving a lasting impression which can make them trust you quite easily.

Don’t Forget to Close Meeting with ‘Thank You’

It is not required for only the first time meeting, instead make it a part of your customer management practices. This gesture is really helpful in leaving a lasting impression when your customers feels that they did not waste your time. Again, a ‘thank you’ with a smile on your face make your customers happy internally regardless the fact if meeting was successful or not. This gesture can convince them to definitely visit you again.

Remember the Names of your Customers

This point is also very important when you meet your customers second time after a few months and you call them by their names. This is surprising for them that you remembered them and then you go and greet them with a smile leaves a very good and lasting impression on your customers.

Follow the above tips to impress customer and also get help from review generation tools to help people discover your business.

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