How To Get More Customers For Event Planners


In order to run a successful corporate event planning business, you got to have some clients. If there is a good flow of customers, this is an indication that your business is running successfully. You can get clients by embracing digital marketing and review management software.

Below mentioned are some steps on how you can get more corporate event planning clients and scale your business over time.

Starting A Corporate Event Planning Business

The corporate event planning industry is expected to grow by over 10% in the next 5 to 6 years. This is well above the national average for business growth across all the industries. This indicates a higher than normal demand, and more employment and growth opportunities for entrepreneurs in this field.

By starting your own event planning business, you can go independent in your location. You will also be responsible for your own sales and the marketing efforts you make to promote your business and get more customers. Below mentioned are some steps that you can follow to get more clients for your event planning business.

Learn To Attract More Leads

How do successful event planners get more leads? To get more leads, you should do some research, creating your business goals, and setting a plan to achieve the goals.

For example, you can visualize your ideal client. You should determine the age, needs and concerns of your ideal client in order to prepare the answers to all their questions. The answers you prepare to the questions asked by your ideal clients will serve as the ideal foundation for your target market.

After this, you should create a lead funnel. This funnel is not one thing, but is actually a series of steps that you generate to attract a potential customer and convert him into an actual paying customer. Your lead funnel actually persuades the potential customers to buy your services.

Learn To Market Yourself

While social media marketing and newsletter campaigns can do wonders for your business, there is a lot which goes beyond these methods to help scale your business.

Here are some of the best creative tips to get more clients for your corporate event planning business.

You can start by limiting yourself to quality and not quantity. Targeting your target audience by doing all the necessary research will help you get more corporate business clients. Since a majority of corporate event planners don’t think of this step, you’re already one step ahead of the competition.

In person meetings work great for the success of your business. These meetings are actually 34 times more effective than email marketing and contact. You can try and introduce yourself face to face in front of your clients. You can easily do this by participating in industry related events, and grow your network even further to get more clients in the long run.

You can also try sending tailored event planning proposals to get more customers.

Use A Customer Referral Program

You can use B2B referrals to get more corporate event planning clients, and get better results as compared to any other marketing methods. But you can’t just send a few messages on LinkedIn and call it a day. Instead. You should build a strong customer referral program for your business.

Setting up a small business referral program can actually help in automating the process of getting relationship based and other types of leads for your corporate event planning business.

Get More Online Reviews

It is usually difficult to find your dream client, but you can reach them by using some of the best targeting methods and by getting in contact with them through professional means online. This way, you can build your network by getting the hurdles between you and your dream client away. Brand awareness and positive online reviews are the best way to reach clients.

One of the best ways of getting in contact with your potential customers directly is by attending the industry related events more often. Since everyone expects to meet lots of people, they will be more receptive to you when you reach them. This way, you can do networking at these events and expand your business by getting more corporate events to manage.

These were some ways you can adopt to get your new corporate event planning business going. Take note that online review are vital for your businesses’ success. Get a review generation software for review management and you may see a positive change in sales.

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