10 Tips On How To Plan Your Company Anniversary Event

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Anniversaries are celebrated to reflect on how far things have gone. Company anniversaries play a crucial part in the corporate sector since they are considered as the perfect way to bring employees closer and show them that their hard work is valued. There are numerous ways to celebrate your company’s anniversary with basic things like hiring vendors and tent rentals and exploring unique ideas like a theme event, but it’s vital to make a mental note of certain things before the actual planning starts.

The Party Date

It’s better to celebrate the anniversary on the actual date but be sure that the dates don’t clash with any ongoing campaigns within the company and whether the date falls on a weekend or not, since it’s reasonable for workers to relax at the event and not worry about attending the office the following day.

The Venue

When the date and attendees have been finalized you can decide on the venue. You can go for a ballroom event and treat your guest like royalty or for a more relaxed event, break the business casual dress code, and go all bonkers for a beach party.

Give Away

As corporate anniversaries are held to share an achievement or to celebrate your milestone, it’s advisable to honor your hardworking employees. Acknowledge their good work and the great time you had with them. This way they won’t feel left out and will continue to work with increased determination and passion. You can honor them with presents/gifts in the form of commemorative merchandise to celebrate the event or announce a bonus in their upcoming salary. The announcement can be made in the event itself.

Plan The Activities

It’s very important to plan the events for the main day. You have to keep the guests occupied as per your theme otherwise monotony will prevail leaving your guests distasteful.

Is the event an exclusive affair for the employees only or families are invited to accompany them? Will there be families and kids with your employees or is it just going to be an adult party? In any case, you have to choose significant activities to keep your attendees busy and occupied throughout the event. Additionally, with families and kids, the arrangements require more minute details to be considered.

Decorate The Venue

Decorating the venue for your company anniversary event is equally important. The required ambiance is fueled by relevant decorations, signage, wall décor, cut-outs, buntings and balloons, seating arrangements, backdrops, stage design, ceiling, the table decorations, etc. should all be immaculate. Don’t overlook these minute details.

Launch A New Project

You can turn your company anniversary event to a product launch event. You can also announce an ongoing product that has been in the pipeline for months. Coordinate with the team that is closely working on this project and to see if the deadlines match with event dates.

Hire A Photographer And Videographer

In this age of social media, you don’t want to lag in digitally marketing your brand, therefore, it’s crucial to make your presence felt across all digital platforms. A professional videographer should be hired who can capture your event accordingly and your employees will be more than eager to share them with their contacts.

Hire The Best Caterer And Party Rental

What would be an event of such gravitas without a scrumptious dinner? Your employees deserve the best, and you should go out of your way to hire the best caterers to plan the best corporate anniversary dinner for them.

Hire The Best Baker

It’s your anniversary and you cannot forget the cake, can you? The cake should be your events’ focal attraction. Pull out all stops and get the best baker in town to bake the cake for your event. From personal experience, we can all tell about the significance attached to cakes in corporate anniversary dinners.

Invite A Special Guest Performer

Guest performances are what everyone looks forward to in any event. You can either invite a famous musician or anyone with an extraordinary skill to entertain your guests. Your employees will discuss their performance for weeks to come.

The final word. These are just some guidelines to help you in planning the most important event of the corporate calendar i.e. the company’s anniversary, further ideas can be implemented as per your requirements. You can also ask your corporate tents rentals MD and caterers to give you trendy ideas.

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