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7 Divorce Facts You Didn’t Know

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Marriage is a union of two beautiful souls who are madly in love with each other. But that love goes down the drain because of various reasons and the couple opts for a divorce. Divorce is an ugly process with or without a divorce attorney. It drains you mentally, physically, emotionally and financially

The reasons for divorce may be different for every couple. The most common reason for divorce is infidelity, meaning one partner is involved with someone else and cheating the partner. Cheating cannot be tolerated at any cost. Other reasons are emotional and physical abuse, drug or alcohol addiction, financial issues, or just losing interest in one another. You will be surprised to know that the rate of divorce has now greatly increased since the last five years.

During your honeymoon period you would never imagine that you will experience a disastrous end but divorce can happen even to the best of us. Below are the most shocking facts about divorce.

90% Of Love Marriages End In Divorce

Yes, love marriages. Don’t you just live people who are head over heels in love with one another and cannot operate without seeing their significant other. Couples who fought with their parents for their partner just to be with them are now fighting each other.

The reason for this is very simple. Practical life hits you hard. When you are young and naive, you do not realize the harsh realities of life, you are just into having fun and physical relationship. Marriage is not just about being physical but comes with major responsibilities which fall harsh on you and you end up fighting and hating each other and eventually get divorced.

Social Media Is A Big Cause Of Divorce

Since the past 5 years, divorce rate in the US has increased greatly and the factor contributing to it is social media. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the top contributors. Researchers say that spouses who spend a great deal of time on these media platforms end up in divorce.

Why? Because social media is fake, couples portray their fake and luxury life, vacation pictures, loving family pictures even though they might hate each other in real, exotic food pictures, high end and expensive bags, shoes, clothes and accessories. This leads to jealousy to the ones watching and hence spouses fight for the material stuff and happy life which leads to fights and divorce.

You Will Be Sad After The Divorce

Even if you are the one who wanted divorce, you will be sad and depressed after the divorce. You will remember all the times spent together and the good family life. You will feel sad on certain events and celebrations and occasions. You will feel an emptiness for a while which may take some time to go away.

It Is The Most Hardest For Your Children

Believe it or not but children suffer the most in a divorce. Children are happy and get nurtured in an environment with both parents and if anyone is missing they miss their parent and the complete family. They feel broken. They might not say it to you but they experience the most depression and sadness and often think about suicide and also blame themselves. They won’t say it but their sudden change in behavior will be the evidence.

Couples Divorce Even In Old Age

Yes there have been many cases that couples have divorced even after spending 25 to 30 years together probably because of differences, or because of their past affairs or because they were waiting for their children to grow up and get settled in life.

There Is A Divorce Hotel In The USA

Yes there is actually a divorce hotel where couples can go, stay and get divorced. You will get separate rooms, an expert attorney each, and a mediator. You can get divorced in a civilized manner in a hotel.

A New Trend Is To Throw A Divorce Party

Nowadays it is a trend to throw a huge divorce party after the divorce is finalized. You end up dancing, eating and drinking.

Divorce may be a beautiful end for some while a depressing end for many. Make sure to hire a top rated divorce lawyer Fairfax VA to make the process easier for you.

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