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Ask These Questions Before Hiring A Divorce Lawyer

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Divorce are a painful subject for many people out there. However sometimes it is better to break free than stay in a relationship which consumes your entire energy leaving you extremely helpless. Divorce lawyers can help you out step by step in the procedure and make sure you are aware of the consequences and risks etc.

Hiring A Divorce Lawyer

Before hiring a lawyer, make sure you really want this because some lawyers do not offer the liberty of walking out on them. Once assured about your decision, the next step is to look for a lawyer that can help you and provide you with the support and push you need to take this decision to finality. In this case, if I were you, the first place I would go for is my hometown i.e. I would look for divorce lawyers near me as chances are they know me and I know them hence making our work easier also benefitting us a little with the fee. So look for divorce lawyers in your hometown first or basically those you know of. They can give you honest answers to your questions and help you profoundly because of their ties with you. If I couldn’t find any suitable divorce lawyer near me, then I would search for some online or look for other references. You should opt for the same procedure. Anyways when hiring a lawyer make sure you ask the following questions.


  • How many divorce cases have you handled? If I were to choose a divorce lawyer near me then chances are I’d already know the answer to this question and so would you if you were to choose one near you. This proves their reliability.
  • Are you aware of my spouse’s attorney?
  • What is the procedure for divorce?
  • How much time will it take?
  • As a divorce lawyer, by looking at my case, can you give me a rough idea what can happen?
  • Are you aware of the family court law and have you ever fought a case in front of the jury?
  • Can you help me in child support? If so then how?
  • What are the possible retributory plans I can expect?
  • Do you have an assistant or another lawyer available who can attend to the case if you’re available?
  • Is your assistant or lawyer as qualified as you? Can I meet him/her?
  • Can you tell me about the issues I can expect in my trial?
  • How will I contact you? Via email or phone?
  • Is it okay for me to ring any time or do you have specific hours for me?
  • Will you ask my opinion before planning some sort of a strategy?
  • Will you inform me if any developments occur in the case?
  • Which one is better in your opinion, joint custody or sole custody?
  • Do you charge per hour?
  • What is your retainer fee?
  • Will you charge me when I ask you to contact my divorce attorney Fairfax VA?
  • How much is the overall payment?
  • Will there be other fees like communication fee, process server fee etc?


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