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Top countertop trends in 2020

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Countertop is a very essential part of the kitchen. It is so important that most home designers consider it to be the most essential component in the kitchen. Without a countertop, a kitchen will stay incomplete and look empty. Furthermore, a good countertop can increase the value of the kitchen a big time. Not only that, but it will also improve the overall theme/look of the kitchen. While granite countertops have been quite popular in the past, a big number of countertop materials are quickly taking over.

In this article, we discuss the top 2020 countertop design trends that you are likely to encounter. In case you are planning to renovate your kitchen, this is the perfect time to do it. This is because the design trends that have been set in 2020 are bound to last for a decade or more. At least, this is what most of the home designers have predicted.

The top 2020 trends for countertops

Just like everything else, countertop trends continue to change overtime. So, for instance, what was popular 10 years ago is not that popular today. Similarly, the countertops that are popular today may not be the top choice after another 10 years.

So, when you are deciding, consider how things are bound to change after another 10 years. In this article, we put together the major countertop trends in 2020.

Quartz is not going anywhere

Quartz is considered to be the most popular alternative to granite. While both Quartz and granite are natural rocks, Granite had previously dominated the world of kitchen countertops. However, overtime, people seemed to get bored of the look of granite tops.

So, in order to find some variety, quartz was discovered as a viable material for countertops. However, it is important to note that quartz is not used in its natural form in countertops. Rather, it is mixed with some other materials. Ultimately, the end product is also referred to as silestone.

However, now that it is here, it offers a very durable and good looking alternative to granite. So, quartz is staying even in this decade. So, if you invest in a quartz countertop, it may be a good decision.

Polished vs honed

When it comes to textures, two of the most popular textures are polished and honed countertops. Since in the last decade, we have seen a design movement, there are changes in the preferred textures also. Now, people consider honed surfaces to be more attractive.

So, in this decade, honed surfaces will be a bigger priority. Still, this is something that depends more on one’s personal preferences. In case you want a polished surface, then go for it!


With that, patterned countertops are also becoming very popular. Nowadays, homeowners prefer to have some fixed patterns in their countertops rather than preferring the plain designs. Now whether this pattern is fixed, or irregular depends on one’s choices.

In general, an irregular pattern is more preferred due to its natural look. So even if you have a countertop that is not made of a natural material, if it features an irregular pattern, it will give a natural look.

Ending note

Ultimately, whatever you choose, it will depend on your preferences. You should choose something that you like, rather than forcing yourself to agree with the trends. Whether you are choosing Silestone countertops Durham or granite countertops, in the end, choose what you think looks great. Since countertops are a big investment, you certainly would not want to regret later after making a purchase. So, before buying, think at least a few times and ask yourself if this is a good buy.

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