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5 Best Things About Granite Countertops

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With so many vast option and designs for your kitchen countertops, granite countertops will always remain the top choice for most of the population for their kitchen and bathrooms.

Granite countertops Benefits

If you will ask why then the answer for this is because granite has so many qualities and benefits over other countertop materials.  You can ask the details from any of the granite contractors and they will guide you regarding the best countertops according to your needs.

Durable and Scratch Free

The best thing about granite countertops is that it is the most durable and that there is no chance of granite getting wear and tear and scratches. Even if you experiment with the strongest of your knife to scratch your granite, you will face scratches on your knife but not on your granite. So it is a very tough and sturdy material which is the best material for countertops for your kitchen.

Heat Resistant

Granite also has heat resistant qualities so there are fewer chances of granite catching fire while you are cooking in the kitchen.

Easy Maintenance

The best thing about granite is that once you install granite then there are no high maintenance costs. You can ask your granite contractor for a good granite polish and granite cleaner and you just have to clean and wipe with it once in a few months and your granite looks like it has just been installed and give off the same shine and smoothness even after many years.

 Kitchen Counterops

The best thing about granite kitchen countertop is its composition. It is a natural resource and also made through natural processes. This is a natural rock found in the Earth and has a holocrystalline structure. This means it is made up of many small crystals. These crystals through natural processes interlock and connect with each other, thus making up the shiny granite. Granite is naturally available in many colors, such as black, orange, pink, grey and white and on rare occasions, brown, blue and green can also be seen. The different types of crystals form the color of granite. The different types of crystals that make up granite are:

  • Quartz

This is a colorless crystal which forms a smoky or clear composition in granite. It mostly fills the gap in the granite and gives granite its best qualities such as its resistant to heat and daily wear and tear and give its tough strength.

  • Feldspar

It gives granite most of its colors such as orange, yellow, blue and pink tints.

  • Mica

This crystal is responsible for giving the shine and luster to granite and gives colors such as black, brown, grey and silver.

  • Hoineblend and Biotite

This crystal is responsible for the grainy look of the granite, mostly the salt and pepper look of the material.

  1. Versatile and Timeless

If you will ask your granite contractor rockville md for your preferred color and design of countertop, then he will guide you and show you the best and vast designs of granite as it is the most versatile of all countertops. Granite countertops are timeless pieces and never go out of trend and style and look trendy in any date or year.

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