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What is meant by medical weight loss?

medical weight loss
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Weight loss is a big business these days as seen from the ever increasing number companies engaged in diet and weight loss plans. New diets, new exercise schedules, new TV programs etc are coming out every day. These days some special weight loss centers under the guidance of physicians have also come up. Medical weight loss centers under the control of doctors are getting more attention and more aspirants these days. Let us examine some important benefits of such centers.

Healthy weight loss

Every physician in a medical weight loss center is extensively trained for medical weight loss.
Whatever be the circumstances that lead to your need for your weight loss, such centers will depute a doctor to pinpoint your needs and help you to attain your goal.

You will get his attention from the beginning of the program till the end.  He will help you to make your goals realistic that meets your lifestyles and dietary needs. This helps you to develop an effective way to shed your weight.

Even if you feel you are not getting what you need in the initial days, you will not be tempted to leave thinking that you are under the control of a physician and seeing other success stories taking place before your eyes.

How to lose weight

Once you get interested you can express it through a phone call or an email for initial consultation with an executive of the center of medical weight loss. On the appointed date you can go to the center where a CMWL doctor will examine you and make you undergo preliminary tests to determine your medical conditions. During the course of examination, they will try to understand your expectations. They will also give you important information necessary for any person undergoing medical weight loss program. After that he will select one of the customized weight loss plans suitable for your requirements. Details of all the three programs are given below.

Accelerated: This is a six week program which includes one-on-one visits with your doctor and test to monitor your weight loss and a nutritious food plan. Vitamin regulation is also included in diet and weight loss plans.

Low calorie diet: this is a high nutritious calorie controlled diet followed in a center of medical weight loss which will be monitored closely. In Modified LCD plan the only change is that evening meal will be containing more calories.

Appetite suppressant: This is a plan intended to suppress the appetite of the participants so that it helps them for a jumpstart in weight loss.

In a study conducted with 349 individuals it was revealed that those who participated in physician controlled diet management the successful percentage was 99. The duration during which the patients were undergoing weight loss programs varied form one month to a year. Any person, who is unhappy with his body weight, even if it is less than the required body weight, can contact and get enroled in this program.   Similarly those who want to lose only a few pounds can also join this program and get satisfactory result.

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