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A baby shower is little different from other parties as it is not something for you yourself.  The usual organizer of a baby shower will be a close friend or a relative. If everybody in your house is very busy with other matters you may require planning the baby shower yourself. Ask one of your dear friends to sent invitations and collect RSVPs.  It is always better to arrange the party four to six weeks ahead of your due date arranged with the help of baby shower chair rental   services so that you get enough time to buy or borrow the things needed for your baby. This timing will allow you to have energy to enjoy the party.

Learn about baby shower

Invite only your coworkers, your relatives and your friends who share their feelings with you. Do not invite anybody who feels obliged to attend the function.  The list of people to be invited is a private matter which has to be deiced between you and your host. All the invitees should be sharing in your joy and anybody who might feel it as duty should not be compelled to attend the function.

Can I have shower for 2nd or 3rd baby?

Although baby shower is celebrated on the for the first baby, experts are of the opinion that it can be celebrated for the second or third baby and some people go on  celebrating baby shower as long as they are capable and new babies are coming out.  Some people may feel strange for baby washes after the first baby’s shower. For the subsequent baby showers it is better to go for a small scale party or a simple brunch that helps your friends to bless you with love and prezzies.

When to open the presents?

People like to get tiny clothes or stuffed animals as gifts during baby shower. But opening the gifts during the shower itself can make the guests with smaller gifts feel ashamed. You have the right to decide when to open the gifts received during a baby shower. You need not heed to the advice of baby shower chair rental   in this regard. It is better if you open the gifts after the function is over. If you start opening the gifts during the shower itself it may go on for long time depending upon the number of guests. This may increase the total time of the shower which should not exceed three hours in all the cases without any exceptions. Sending a thank you note to the guests for their gifts is a necessity for which you have time till your baby’s second month birthday.

Play latest games

Guests usually bring pictures of their child hood and ask you sitting in the special chair rented from a party rental new york to identify who the boy in the film is. This is a favorite game of baby shower. Another similar game is linking the celebrity baby names to their famous parents. Newer games can be invented or selected from existing games in the recent baby showers, but one need to ascertain the originality and the fun element involved in the game.

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