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Hair Extensions – Can It Damage Your Hair?

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While hair extensions can be a confidence booster, they’re also damaging to the health and growth of your hair once not cared properly.

When getting hair extensions, one thing you should avoid is ensuring that hair extensions are not heavier than your hair. If the hair extensions are very heavy, they could cause your hair to break off. The hair extension damage may also happen when extensions are attached tightly. This combination of strain and weight on your hair follicles could cause hair to fall out, which is renowned as traction alopecia. When hair is pulled frequently, either by extensions, braids or tight ponytails, the hair around your hairline will start to recede and would cause permanent damage on the hair.

Go to Salon Regularly for Hair Extension Damage

To avoid traction alopecia from happening, it is crucial to make trips to a salon regularly when you have hair extensions so that these can be replaced and removed if necessary. Even more important is taking hair extensions out the moment you have seen they’re causing hair damage. You have to take note that everything must be done in moderation. There is a wrong and right way to get hair extensions and if your hair is healthy, hair extensions do not have to be damaging to your hair in the end.

Damaged Hair Solutions

If you find that getting hair extensions can cause damage to your hair, there are some ways to hide or treat the damage.

If your hair is damaged and broken off around front hairline, the best cover up is to use on thinning areas is a hair building fiber product. Such hair fibers are actually powder yet made of keratin protein, the same kind of protein that’s found in hair. Hair Fibers cling to the existing hair and appear thicker and fuller.

If hair extension damage isn’t just around the hairline or part line, use hair concealer, which can cover big areas of hair loss. There are various concealers you can use. Depending on your preferences, you may choose the ones in spray form or liquid formula. The best thing about concealer spray is that you can easily apply it to your hair without much hassle.

Always remember to provide proper care for your hair and watch signs of damage or breakage so that you could keep your hair beautiful and healthy while using human hair extensions rockville md or any kinds of extensions.

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