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What is chimney relining and how to install the chimney liner?

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If you are looking to repair the damaged or deteriorated chimney, you need chimney relining services offered by chimney sweep. Chimney liner can protect the inside of masonry chimney and also safeguard it from wear and tear. With the passage of time, moisture, decay, corrosion of the brick liner, mortar and clay might cause damage to the chimney. Moisture further reacts with the gases to eat away the chimney. Moisture may collect and seep through the cracks, bricks and mortar to cause damage. If the climate is cold, the moisture freezes, expands, thaws to cause chimney chunks to break. Chimney fire is the other common form of damage to the chimney.

Apart from this, older chimney may not be lined properly or can have their liners deteriorated. The cast chimney liner is actually installed after the old masonry clay tile liner is removed. Fuel burning appliance you use to heat up the home should be efficiently vented towards the outside of the home. This is only possible with the liner which is located inside of the chimney flue and comprises combustion products for the burner till they are vented out from the top of the chimney.

Should you consider do-it-yourself chimney relining?

Flexible liner is comprised of corrugated tubing of continuous lengths installed just inside the chimney flue. When it comes to lining of the chimney, it may not be done by a non-professional. The task has to be done as per the building regulations and such things may be known by competent person only. If the task is done by unprofessional hands, it needs to be inspected by the professional from the reliable company. Since it is the building work, one must notify local council and building control prior to even starting the work.

Is there any local planning restriction?

When you opt for relining of chimney, there are local planning restrictions. You can be required to erect the scaffolding near the chimney ground for health and safety. The existing chimney needs to be inspected to make sure that it is a great order.

Only when you have good understanding of chimney sweeping bowie and chimney repair procedure, you can carry out the task. Without the proper knowledge of the tools and procedure, things cannot be done. Prior to relining, make sure you sweep the chimney properly. Fit the wood burning stove after flue liner is installed.

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