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How to clean chimney flues?

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Chimney flues are that part of the chimney that needs chimney inspection, which allows the fire to escape and create a humdrum in the atmosphere. Chimney fires leads to production of soot and creosote which is basically a flammable and sticky substance. This accumulation of creosote leads to chimney fires if it is not removed in time. There are ways and tricks to clean chimney flues and, here’s an insight into those tricks to clean.

Does your Chimney Need Cleaning?

Chimneys need frequent cleaning. You need to constantly keep an eye on your chimney to figure out if it needs cleaning. If you are using one near your fireplace, make sure it is cleaned at frequent intervals. Check the chimney flute; use a flashlight in case it’s dark in there. If the creosote is very thick, you need to clean. You can scrap the creosote to check the thickness. Make sure you clean your chimney before using it.

Tools to Clean

When cleaning your chimney flues, you need to drill in the right tools. Else, your chimney would not be cleaned properly. So, make sure you measure the chimney flue well before selecting the tools for cleaning. Measure the size and shape of your chimney flue. The flue is either round or square. You need to measure the height of the chimney too so that you have the right rope to help you reach the chimney flue to clean it.

Equip With Necessary Supplies

You need the right supplies to help you in your chimney cleaning task. Make sure all the necessary supplies are available with you. You would need a brush to remove the creosote; it can be either made of plastic or wire. Brush extension pipes are also necessary to help you in cleaning the whole chimney flue. Broom, dustpan, ladder are all inevitable supplies for chimney cleaning. If you are allergic to dust, you should have a mask or goggles to protect yourself.

You should always dress appropriately when cleaning so that it does not pose any risk to you. Make sure your house is ready for your chimney cleaning clarksville task.

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