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How To Install Ceramic Car Window Tints

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Ceramic car window tints are a relatively new entrant to the market. For a while, dyed and traditional tints used to run the scene but ceramic window tints are slowly taking over. This type of car window tinting has a lot of benefits to offer but the question is how to install them. Let’s know the process of installing ceramic car window tints and if they are worth the hype and price.

The Process Of Installing Ceramic Auto Window Tints

Grab The Materials

The first thing you need to do when it comes to installing ceramic window tints is gathering the supplies and materials. You are going to need a squeegee, a cutter, shampoo, or any other solution to wet the film. Plus, wear protective gloves and goggles so that you do not stain the windows or get something into your eyes that might be irritating.

Clean The Windows

The next step of the process is cleaning the windows. Grab a window cleaner and clean the windows so there is no dust, dirt, or stains. If the vehicle has not been washed in a while, you will need to put in some effort to clean the windows.

Make sure that you do not use any harsh or abrasive items that might scratch the windows. And once you are done cleaning the windows, inspect them thoroughly as this lays the foundation for what comes next.

Cut The Ceramic Film

Now that you are done cleaning the windows, it is time to take measurements and cut the film accordingly. You will have to be extra careful here as even the slightest mistake could ruin your film and effort. Place the film against the windows of the vehicle and use the razor blade to cut the tint film.

Be patient. Don’t hurry the process and damage the film. Furthermore, you might need a helping hand as well. So, ask a friend or a relative to give you a hand.

Install The Ceramic Filmc

Once the cutting is done, proceed with installing the film. Spray the solution directly on the windows and the film and position it correctly. Make sure you don’t see any edges or corners. Now that the film is in place, use the squeegee to remove the excess solution by running it both horizontally and vertically.

Continue running the squeegee until you have removed all the excess liquid, ensuring there are no bubbles. And finally, grab a hair dryer or a blower and use hot air to help with the curing process. Keep in mind that the curing process will take time depending on the season.

In the winter, it will take longer for the tints to cure than in the summer season. So, you might want to avoid rolling your windows up and down.

What Are The Advantages Ceramic tints?

Ceramic auto window tints are specifically made to block UV and infrared rays. This is why these tints are recommended for people with skin problems. Blocking the rays not only helps prevent skin damage but also protects the interior of the vehicle.

Furthermore, ceramic tints do not impact visibility either, which makes them a good option for those who like to travel at night. And for those who travel during the day, ceramic tints help reduce glare. Glare is one of the biggest causes of serious accidents around the world and having ceramic tints does help a lot.

What Are The Disadvantages Ceramic Tints?

While the advantages are many, ceramic tints have one single downside, and that too a big one. Ceramic window tints are expensive, especially when compared to the other types. If you are looking to increase the visual appeal of your vehicle, then these might not be for you.

However, if you suffer from a skin condition or any other disease, installing ceramic tints is going to be a wise decision.


Ceramic window tints tend to be a great option as long as you can afford them. Make sure that you follow the tips mentioned above while installing or go to an auto tint shop Springfield to do it the right way. Otherwise, a shoddy job will end up in a replacement soon.

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