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Car Bodywork Protection Film: Is It Worth It?

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It is definitely worth paying for car bodywork protection film for many reasons. This paint protection can protect the shiny looks and paintwork of your vehicle. When something more is needed after one year or so, a professional paint correction and car detailing will restore that much wanted new car gleam.

When you purchase a new car from a dealership, the paint protection systems are among the extras they might offer to you. More often than not, you might find your dealer pushing extra products such as upholstery protection and alloy wheel insurance more than the actual vehicle itself. But, don’t get things wrong. This is not a cynical article meant to question car dealerships in how they do their business. But, there are lots of reasons why you should first do your research before you spend big on car paint protection so you will know if it is worth it or not.

Paint Protection: An Overview

Paint protection is no longer a new concept as it has been around for many years. This is also referred to as paint sealant at times for the main reason that this seals the paint. It will coat the paintwork with plastic shell which means harmful chemicals and light scratches cannot leave blemishes.

There are several different brands available on the market yet your dealer may have a system unique only to them.

How is Paint Protection Applied to Your Car?

Coating is being applied directly to bare paint and bonds to it. Wax must be removed prior to application, and waxes and washes are applied on the top afterwards. It is important that paint protection systems are applied only by professionals. If you are thinking of treating your car on your own, it is not recommended for numerous reasons:

  • The top coatings of pollutants, oil, and wax should be removed from the vehicle. The protection simply breaks down when applied over the wax.
  • Sealants can contain dangerous chemicals which need proper safety gear.
  • When applied on harmful chemicals or squashed insects and similar items, the system seals everything in which can cause damage.
  • Improper application results in swirl marks and scratches which are hard to remove.

When You Shouldn’t Go for It?

There are several reasons why it is also recommended that you save your cash when it comes to a brand new car purchase of a paint protection

  • There is simply no guarantee that the own brand product of the dealers will be as great quality as market leaders.
  • Dealers don’t always get access to experienced car care professionals, which is important for applying the system.
  • Even with a new car paint protection film springfield, there is simply no way to prevent scratches, dents, and scrapes, which are common when driving.


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