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10 Things To Know Before Building A Deck


If you want to change things around your house, then a perfect way is to have a deck built by deck contractors. It’s going to transform the exterior of your house and it’s generally a pretty useful feature of a house. Here is everything you need to know about building a deck.

Do You Have A Budget For It?

This is probably the most important thing to go over before you even start the deck work. You want to make sure that you have allocated enough money for a deck to be built. An average deck installation and building will cost you thousands of dollars depending on the size and the type of deck you’re trying to build. So, get an estimate from a contractor first.

Think Of The Design

If you really want a deck built on your house, then another important thing to consider is the design of the deck. This may seem like something you can go over in the end but in reality, this is something you need to think about first before the deck is even built.

You want to envision the right place for the deck, where it will face and what look it will give to the entire house. You also want to go over the shape of the deck, whether you want it to be long and straight, or you need it to be narrow and wide.

What Materials Will Be The Best For Your Deck?

The next order of importance is the selection of decking materials. There are plenty of materials you can choose from and the type of material will determine the final and overall expense of your deck. Wood is probably the most common material for decks, but it needs a lot of maintenance and it can cost you a lot as well.

There are newer materials like composite deck materials and concrete and wood combinations which will look stunning and also add that extra bit of durability and strength you’re looking for. It’s best to do your research on all of the materials before you decide on one.

Is It Legal In Your Area?

This tip is important because, in some areas and cities, it can be illegal to get a deck built. So, before you go over your plan of building a deck, make sure that you’re going through the area codes of your city and get the confirmation that it’s safe to extend the boundary of your house, aka get a deck built.

It’s better to go over the legalities of things first because the last thing you want is to get a legal notice slapped on your door which isn’t fun at all. If you don’t want to acquire permits, consider building a patio because it usually doesn’t need a permit.

Learn About The Maintenance Of The Deck

This is a general rule for anything that you’re building or getting installed in your house. You want to go over the maintenance of it, once said thing has been built. The same goes for a deck too. It might be surprising to some, but a deck actually requires a handful of maintenance and it isn’t all that breezy.

If you use a material like wood for your deck, you want to make sure that you’re getting it refreshed every couple of months or so. You also want to ensure that you’re polishing the wood timely, otherwise, it will fade and won’t look good at all.

If your deck is right by a pool, then you want to make sure that it’s waterproof, otherwise, it’s a disaster waiting to happen. So, you definitely don’t want to be hasty in this process because building a deck can be expensive and that doesn’t even include the maintenance costs. So, make sure that you take every step wisely and also consult pool house builders Port Jefferson.

Check The Foundation

The most important thing when it comes to building a deck is the foundation and its integrity. You want to make sure that the ground you’re going to build your deck on, is sturdy and will withstand the weather and other things. The ground needs to be rough and it shouldn’t be slippery, otherwise, it will not make for a good foundation for your deck.

Before you even think about building a deck on your house, it’s better to have someone check your soil and ground, just to be certain that you can build a deck safely and securely on this foundation, otherwise, it will just be a waste of money and time.

The Time To Build A Deck

A deck isn’t something that is built overnight. It takes time to build one and you need to plan it out properly. A deck is a great addition to your house and most of the time, it will add great value to your house when you go ahead and sell it.

This is the main reason why people build decks on their houses in the first place. But, as mentioned before, it does take time, about 2 to 4 weeks, depending on how big of a deck you’re trying to build, so it’s good to keep this thing in mind too.

Where Will The Deck Be Facing?

Another important thing to consider is the orientation of the deck. In simple words, it basically means where the deck will be facing. You want to think about this as well before you get on with the construction process. A deck mostly faces the outside of the house, where there is greenery or something beautiful.

You also want to set a focal point where you want the deck to face. It can be anything, like beautiful scenery or a wooded area that looks captivating. The view from the deck will make everything worthwhile.

Concealing The Supports

A very unattractive thing about decks is the poking out of nails and screws with which it is supported to the ground and to the rest of the assembly. These screws and nails are not that obvious, but they can look kind of ugly. So, you can conceal them and make your deck look more cohesive and uniform.

This is another thing that you need to think about because you need the contractors to conceal the supports as they go. This will make the job so much easier and the end result will be a beautiful and seamless deck.

The Decoration Of The Deck

If you’re getting a deck built then you also want to have an idea of how you’re going to decorate it and make it look cozy. This is probably the best part of the entire deck-building process and this is where you let your creativity run free.

You can transform the deck into your personal sanctuary, where you can relax, read and spend time with nature. Make it warm and welcoming with rugs, drapes, warm lights, comfortable couches, and other furniture, so that you’ll never want to leave this place.


Before building a deck, it’s extremely important that you go over these pointers, just to make sure that you have things done right. These things are good to keep in mind before you hit the drawing board. Moreover, get suggestions from your deck builder Port Jefferson as well to avoid common problems and deal with common challenges of building a deck.

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