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How to take care of curly hair properly?

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In case you have got curly hair, those with straight and limp hair will always envy you. However, this does not really mean that your life is easy. Chances are, that you are always either the victim of humidity or dryness. While on one hand humidity messes up your hairstyle, dryness makes your hair brittle and coarse. Many women choose to take the route of Brazilian keratin straightening, while others simply choose to live with their curls.

Some tips to take care of curly hair

In case you’ve chosen to settle with what you have, we have got a number of tips that will help you in taking care of your curly. And this is exactly what this article will cover.

Use a specialized shampoo

Curly hair usually dry out real quick (especially the ends). So regardless of the times you wash your hair in a weak, you need to have a specialized shampoo that does not dry your hair out. In this regard, you can search the market or talk to a hair specialist.

Alternatively, you can also visit your local salon and ask them what they recommend to their customers that have curly hair.

It is always good to make use of herbal shampoos, rather than those that include chemicals. Since curly hair have a greater number of pinch points that can be damaged due to chemicals, a herbal shampoo is much-suited.
However, not all herbal shampoos are designed to combat dryness.
Moreover, curly hair generally need lesser amount of shampoo as compared to straight hair.

All about conditioning

While this may surprise you a little bit, curly hair requires more conditioning than normal. So chances are that the excess shampoo is going to get replaced with a conditioner instead.

Indeed, curly hair require exposure to more moisture than usually since they are generally dry. In this regard, people with curly hair can do two things.
Firstly, rinse the hair with water and put some conditioner on. After that, rinse it off. After showering, squeeze out all the excess water and put some conditioner on again. It can be combed in using wide comb or fingers. Leave it inside this time!

The second way is far shorter than the first one. In this one, All that you must do is to squeeze out excess water using hands and put some conditioner on. After that, just let the conditioner stay.

However, it is important to make use of conditioners that do not have silicone or sulfates.

Avoid toweling aggressively

Aggressive toweling is something that people with all hair types should avoid. However, this especially applies to people with curly hair. This is because aggressively toweling your curly head could turn your curls into a nightmare.
So rather than rubbing the towel on your head, slowly and gently press it against your scalp only to let it absorb the excess water.
Be very gentle with your hair

Naturally curly hair have a greater number of pinch points in the keratin structure of the hair. This means that there are more chances for curly hair to break. At the same time, they can also turn frizzy real quick.
So when your curls are dried up, avoid putting on hair elastics gently. This is because hair elastics can stretch and pull the curls resulting in breakage and hair tangle.

Ending note

It is natural to grow tired of curly hair due to all the maintenance they require. In case you’re already done with it, consider going to a Japanese hair straightening salon Rockville. While they may only last 6-8 months, they can certainly provide you some relief from a tough hair care routine.

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