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Choosing the right type of rug for your living room

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Choosing the right type of rug for your living room isn’t an as easy task. There are many factors to consider, before selecting a rug. Among these factors, the area where you want to place the rug is a core factor. Selection of a wrong rug can lead to the entire room decoration being off balance. Rugs provide an extra sense of decoration as compared to the traditional wall to wall carpets that aren’t trendy anymore. Area rugs look great and if chosen correctly, go nicely with the flow of the interior decoration that you have done. This is especially true if you go with a more exotic style such as the Persian rug. However, make sure that you are getting it from authentic Persian rug stores only.

Choosing the right rug for your living room

Generally, rugs need to blend in with the entire theme of the room. The characteristics that rug depends on are:

  • Size
  • Color
  • Texture
  • Pattern
  • Shape
  • Style

Before you start the search for a rug, you need to be clear on what exactly you want to achieve with it. Do you want looks only? Or Are you looking for comfort? Perhaps, you want both?

Size is indeed one of the most important factors. In case you choose a bigger rug, the room may end up looking congested. However, in case a rug is too small, the room will give off an unfinished vibe.

Tips for getting the perfect area rug

  • Measure the size of the room and bring an area rug of just the right proportion. As mentioned above, too small or too big, both can give an odd look. So the overall size of the rug should be in proportion to the room. Usually the ideal size is to cover the entire coffee table and chairs surrounding it. Not only does it gives a very ideal look but also blends in with the rest of the decoration of the room.
  • Color of the rug is also important since too bright or too dull both can create an off balance look for the area rug. Color of the rug should be in contrast of the coffee table and chairs. The contrast color gives both the antique rug and the items placed on it a very neat and glaring look which stands out.
  • If you need the rug for comfort it is good to go for woolen rugs as they give you a very nice soft touch on your feet and ensure maximum comfort. Silk rugs are also smooth and soft, but they are a bit difficult to clean.
  • The design/style of the Persian rug also plays a significant part whether you want to choose a plain or a patterned rug. Both the styles, plain or patterned, depend on the color of your room and what other decorations are there. A plain rug is preferred if the room paint and other decorations are a bit eye catching, whereas a patterned is used if the room carries a plain neutral paint with minimal decorations. Patterned rug doesn’t blend in but rather gives a look of itself.

Ending note

Rugs definitely give a very unique and executive overall look to your room. So, you should keep the factors mentioned above in your mind and go find rugs on sale Vienna VA that fall in your budget. At the same time, do also consider the level of comfort and warmth that the rug can add to your room. After all, looks are not the only thing that matter in the case of rugs.

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