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6 Central Heating Secrets You Need To Know Right Now

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Central air conditioners have heat pumps in common that pumps heat in and out of the house. When they break down, you must call heat pump repair services to look into the matter. Central heating is common these days but here are a few secrets you might not know.

Changing the Filters Improve Air Quality

Air filters block the harmful bacteria from entering your room that’s why it is very important. Many HVAC companies don’t tell you this but you need to change the filters of your ducts and furnace every often, preferably every month. When they get clogged up, some of the bacteria and allergens creeps in your house, making the air in your house very harmful for you. Air filters are the source of providing good quality of air in your home and you should keep them clean all the time.

Electric Heaters vs Gas Heaters

Electric furnace heaters are preferred more than a gas furnace heater. It is probably because of the money it saves on a number of things like propane tank and fuel required to power up a gas furnace. Some companies try to sell you gas heater with selling point that it is cheaper. However, the future expenses on gas heaters are more than an electrical heater.


When you buy an HVAC system for your house, you will get a warranty for up to 5 years which is the basic warranty any HVAC company provides. However, there are types of warranty that they may not tell you. Each component has a different warranty and you can ask for each of them from the company. There are warranties for parts, compressor, labor for maintenance and the furnace. A company that wants to sell you HVAC system that is cheap or has a long warranty may be a red flag as they usually do that to compete with the bigger companies in the industry. You need relevant information before deciding on an HVAC system by just looking at the price.

Care for the Outdoor Unit

When your outdoor unit gets broken, it is mainly because of the debris around it and dirt that has settled inside the heat pump. Of course, you would want to call a heat pump repair service and have a professional handle the job. However, you can save up the money for this repair service quite easily. As the weather changes, your outdoor unit takes a toll too. Fallen leaves, tree branches, twigs, snow, etc. are all types of debris that clogs up a heat pump. Your outdoor unit needs to have at least a gap of 3 meters from each side to work properly and have enough space. Pick up a shovel and clear the unit out so that it keeps working efficiently.

Consider the Size When Buying

The size of an HVAC system is directly proportional to the size of the house. It would seem quite obvious but many people make this mistake and then regret it afterwards. A bigger HVAC system may look tempting and you may think that it would be more efficient in your smaller home, it is a wrong assumption. Not only will you be paying extra dollars for an HVAC system, but you will also be constantly paying for the higher energy bills that are accumulated by the bigger HVAC system. If the HVAC system is smaller than the size of your house then it won’t be able to warm your house efficiently but will accumulate more energy in trying to do it.

Saving Up on Energy Costs

Energy bills can really stack up when you use the HVAC system to heat or cool down your house. HVAC companies don’t tell you how to cut down these energy costs. You can easily cut down the energy bills by installing an energy efficient HVAC and programmable thermostat that will control the temperature according to the weather on its own. It will also turn down the air conditioning at night or while you are away. You can also program it to turn off or on after a certain time while you are away and that is how you can cut down your energy bills by up to at least 15%.

So, contact a reputable HVAC companies Long Beach who doesn’t hide secrets from you, so you can enjoy a warm winter.

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