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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Tape In Hair Extensions

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Tape in hair extensions have a set of benefits to offer; true to a tee. Nevertheless, they also have a select few negatives which you are obliged to know before visiting a hair extensions salon. Tape in hair extensions come up with the following fors and againsts.

Pros of Tape In Hair Extensions

Seamless Blending

Tape in hair extensions mix well with the natural hair. It is very difficult to isolate them from the natural hair once they are installed in the midst of them. Specially, if you are installing human hair via tape in extensions, it is almost impossible to polarize natural and artificial hair.

Easy Application and Trouble-Free Adjustment

Tape in extensions are easy to install, you are least likely to be bothered during the process. Usually people feel discomfort after a few minutes because the process goes hard on them. If the process is toilsome the people who get to go through it have to bear the brunt too, and the stylist is surely not alone in this.

No Chances of Sudden Removal

Once the tape ins are installed accurately, there’s no chance of these extensions to fall down on the floor all of a sudden and out of nowhere. The process of installment of the tape ins is so simple and as easy as falling off a log; still and all the extensions remain firm and unshakable.

Minimum Time Consumption

It barely takes half an hour to install tape ins. Compared to so many other processes, tape ins take very little time and hence you are not required to sit in the same position for quite a long time. Along with that, you will not have to stay committed to your stylist for a couple of hours as is the case with other styling processes.

Inch-Perfect for Thin Hair

Tape in extensions are best suitable for fine hair. It’s not that they can’t suit thick and healthy hair but they are more apt for fine hair and people with fine hair should celebrate it.  People with less hair or thin hair are often looking forward to mounting on the density/quantity of their hair, but they are also afraid of not being able to hide them, and this is why, tape ins are possibly the best option for them to look forward to.

Almost Invisible to The Naked Eye

Since adhesive is used to inculcate hair extensions among the natural hair, there’s hardly any possibility of these artificial locks being exposed. There’s a really fine strip on which the adhesive is applied, you simply need to remove one side of that strip and stick it close to your scalp, and that strip is barely visible to the naked eye.

Tend to Be Reused

Tape in extensions do not have an expiry date. They tend to be recycled and re-consumed at ease. Once you get them removed from your hair, you only have to stack them and put them in a rather safe place. The extensions won’t lose their life and ethos.

Cons of Tape In Hair Extensions

If the Adhesive Is Not Top-Quality, They’re Likely to Fall Down

You need to make sure that the adhesive that is being used to stick the extensions to your natural hair is of best quality. Low quality adhesives tend to damage your extensions, and they lose their grip within no time. Adhesive happens to be the prime ingredient used in this not-so-intricate process, and if the adhesive is not up to scratch, then you might not be able to carry on with your artificial locks for a decent period of time.

Can Irritate Your Scalp If Not Done Professionally

If the tape ins are not inculcated properly, there’s a greater chance for your scalp to remain itchy and vexing throughout the time. Make sure to get a reputable hair salon to do the job for you otherwise it is of no use to you.

The adhesive that is used to get the extensions glued to your hair contains a number of chemicals. These chemicals can trouble your skin if it is not done accurately.

Therefore, before going to a fusion extensions salon for a process as meticulous as this, check their professional credentials. Do not let the dabblers spoil your already beautiful hair. hypno

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