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What You Shouldn’t Do With Your Granite Countertops

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Granite countertops are an amazing countertop choice for your kitchen, but it requires some care as well. Here are some things you should not do on granite countertops to keep them spotless and beautiful for years.

Don’t Cut Anything on Top of Your Counters

A lot of people use countertops to cut their vegetables, fruits and certain things, but you don’t want to do this with your granite countertop. Granite can easily damage the knife blades. Granite is one of the strongest natural stones out there, so using a steel or porcelain knife on top of the robust granite, then your knife will become extremely dull after a certain time.

In combination to this tip, do not use your granite countertops as sharpening tools for your knife and other cutting utensils. Rather than sharpening your knife, the granite will ruin the blade all together. So, don’t be experimental and ruin your knives on a solid granite countertop.

Don’t Use Acid on Your Countertops

You may have read a lot that granite countertops are very easy to clean, and they are. All you need is a wet washcloth and a cleaning solution to wipe your countertops clean. The one thing you should never clean your countertop with is acid. Acid ruins granite. Acid will dissolve granite, as soon as it comes in contact with the stone. In fact, acid is bad for any countertop surface, engineered or natural stone countertops.

Dissolving is not only the main problem associated with acid and granite, acid will also etch and make the top surface of the granite extremely weak and it can also dissolve the layer of sealant on the top surface of the granite. Sealants can be the ride or die for granite’s longevity. If the sealant is dissolved, then granite will start to absorb liquid and moisture from the top surface and will ultimately get weak and get ruined in the end.

Don’t Use Raw Meat on Granite Countertops

Raw meat is the biggest storage house of bacteria and granite is a good absorber of anything. So, putting these two circumstances together will not yield any good results. When you get yourself a large steak of raw meat, try to avoid cutting it on top of granite countertops. First, this will weaken your knife, as mentioned previously, and it will transfer the bacteria from the meat to the top of your countertop, and if the surface is not cleaned immediately, then the bacteria can sit there and develop, which can lead to molds and damage to the stone.

So, try not to cut the meat directly on top of granite. Make sure you have a cutting board to cut all sorts of things like meat, fish, vegetables, fruits etc. Cutting anything on granite will only lead to more problems.

Spills Need to Cleaned Right Away

Granite is a natural stone, which means that it contains a lot of hollow spaces called pores. These pores are excellent absorbers of anything, which is not good for the longevity of granite. All the natural stones have pores in them, which is inevitable. To avoid the pores from absorbing too much liquid, sealants are applied on the countertops to make them water resistant and damage proof.

If your granite countertops are not sealed, due to any reason, then you have to make sure whenever a spill occurs, you clean it right away. You don’t want the spill to remain on the countertop on the surface for a long time, otherwise it can damage the stone

Don’t Sit on Your Granite Countertop

This tip is especially for kids. Avoid your kids to sit or stand on top of your granite countertops. Although granite is a strong material, it can only bear so much. If you have ever seen granite slabs, then you would know that there is a lot of veining on it. These veins are small fissures and cracks which give granite its characteristic beauty and appeal. Any weight which is more than the veins of granite could carry, can cause weakening in the stone and it can ultimately break.

Avoid doing these things and your granite countertops will last for ages. Although countertop installation from an expert granite company DC matters, but it’s a lot about the care and maintenance you do which makes granite countertops last long.

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