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The ultimate outdoor kitchen guide for you


An outdoor kitchen typically speaks of luxury and grandeur, but also entertainment. However, choosing outdoor kitchen contractors can be also filled with speculations and countless important considerations. Questions like where to start from, where it will be located, which appliances to use and how will it work will pop up in your head very frequently.

A simple outdoor kitchen guide

The following points are to ensure that you are able to create an amazing outdoor kitchen easily.

Planning for an additional space

Having an outdoor kitchen provides an additional space for living and entertainment. However, it is important that you make the most of this additional space by planning for all the different seasons. This means that factors such as shade, shelter and warmth need to be considered when planning an outdoor kitchen.

In summer, the idea of cooking under direct sunlight sounds like a total disaster. In order to safe yourself from the scorching heat outside and to provide a comfortable kitchen space, make sure you add a shade and shelter the area from excessive heat. You can add a pergola for the kitchen and an umbrella for the seating area. To shelter it from unnecessary heat, plant some trees nearby.

Similarly, you would also need to plan for winter. Adding a separate fire pit or using an outdoor heater are all great suggestions. Through such comfort features, you can ensure a comfortable and entertaining outdoor space for yourself.

Keep your surroundings in mind

While it is true that an outdoor kitchen is an extension to your indoor living space, it is also important to consider the size of the kitchen as it needs to fit into the yard. While designing the kitchen, keep your indoor living space in mind and choose design elements and colors that complement that space. Similarly, consider the area surrounding the outdoor kitchen as well and built a space that fits in well with its surroundings. You can use complementing colors and remodeling materials to incorporate in your outdoor kitchen so that it matches with its surroundings.

Planning the layout

Layouts are important both for the indoor spaces and the outdoor spaces. The only difference is that the indoor spaces are defined through the use of walls, doors and windows but the outdoor areas define their own spaces. However, you can create certain designs that provide a visual division, such as through of L shaped designs. Another important decision is the placement of your appliances. These placements will determine the hot and cold zones in your outdoor kitchen.

Choose your appliances

After planning the layout, it’s time to choose your appliances. There are a high variety of outdoor kitchen appliances to choose from. Some of the most popular appliances include grills, built-in refrigerators, ice maker and kegerators. You can also add a few decorations to transform your space into an attractive entertainment unit.

Choosing the materials

The most important part in building an outdoor kitchen is choosing its materials. The materials need to be strong and highly weather resistant so that It can stand extreme winds, rain, heat and maybe even snow. Choose materials that are tough, durable and also low maintenance.

Bonus tip

Adding lighting is important not only because it will provide light for you to do your tasks comfortably but also because it will set the mood. So, choose lighting that will provide you both. You can install it near your kitchen counters, or you can hang them from the pergola. Once the masonry contractors Long Island get your outdoor kitchen ready, you are ready to invite your friends and family over for a fun party.

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