Essential Commercial Steamer Maintenance Tips To Know

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Commercial steamers are becoming popular with every passing day. They have become an integral part of commercial and home kitchens. They serve various important purposes. But they can have issues like other appliances. In such cases, you should call a commercial steamer repair service. If you want to find out the issues and solve them on your own, below are the tips and tricks.

Signs that Your Steamer Needs Repair

For home owners and people working in commercial kitchens, finding the issues with a steamer and fixing them can be challenging. So they should first spot the problem in order to solve it. Below are few tips to let you know when the commercial steamer requires repairing.

  1. The steamer may not be providing heat or fails to heat up.
  2. Water level is fine but the steamer is not offering any steam.
  3. There can be water dripping out of the nozzle.
  4. If there is any clicking noise in the steamer, you should call a commercial appliance repair service.

Taking Care of Your Commercial Steamer

Just like you would like to find the best AC repair service, same way you would want to have an appliance repair service that repairs your steamers and give suggestions to take care of it. Here are few.

Keep it Clean

Food contamination is a serious problem for many restaurants and home owners. The steamers can spoil your food. Why it happens? When there is dirt, dust or some debris in the steamer, this can spoil the food. That is why keeping the steamer clean is the most important trick.

Empty the Steamer

Users should know that keeping steamers in good conditions require regular care. When you are done with steaming, you should turn it off. Remove the switch from power source. Now you should remove the water from the drip and let it dry.

Soak the Steamer

On regular basis, soaking the steamer with warm water and soap keeps it in the best condition. There can be food remnants, debris or dirt that may affect its performance. Use warm water and soap to soak the steamer. There are commercial kitchen appliances repair services that provide this facility as well.

Wash the Steamer

Washing is also recommended for better care of the commercial steamers. You should take water and wash it completely. Make sure power plug does not come in contact with water. When you are done, let it dry for some time before you start using it. Take vinegar and wipe the interior. It will kill all the germs by disinfecting them. Your steamer will be cleaner now.

Keeping the Steamer in Good Condition

Below are some of the important tips that will help you keep the steamer working for long.

  1. Filters should be changed on the regular basis. Filters may get dirty and affect its performance. Many times, the filters are the reason why a steamer does not work in the best possible ways.
  2. Commercial steamers should be inspected regularly in order to see if there are any loose covers, faulty controls and cracks. These issues may need repairing.
  3. Regular cleaning of the commercial steamers is recommended to keep them working for long.
  4. The build-up of lime should be removed. For this, using a good descaling agent is the best option.
  5. Never turn on the steamer when it does not have water.

Other Tips for Commercial Steamer Maintenance

Here are few more tips that will let you take better care of your commercial steamer.


All steamers use water for heating or steaming purposes. This water may create lime inside the steamers. So they should be de-limed on the regular basis. It depends on the models as well. All models have a different schedule of de-liming. Some steamers come with automatic function while others require manual de-liming.

Checking for Leaks

Leaks often occur in the commercial steamers. They can prove expensive as the steamer works harder to cook the food or provide required steaming heat. For this reason, the users should inspect the steamer and see if there is any leakage. Leaks can be dangerous with respect to the boilers.

Proper Drainage

Proper drainage is required to keep the steamers in the best working form. You should also check the temperature of the water. In case you don’t know about drainage, you should get help of a commercial kitchen appliance repair Alexandria service. It will be a great ideal to resolve all the issues and get your steamer repaired.

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