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Some tips for a DIY countertop replacement project

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You can save a lot of money on kitchen renovation in case you replace your countertop yourself. It has been estimated that one may save as much as $700 to $1000. However, countertop replacement is a complex task. In case you are hesitant or not confident about it, better leave this task to the countertop replacement companies out there. However, if you have any prior experience or if you are confident about it, go for it!

Top tips for countertop replacement

In this article, we present a number of tips that beginners might find useful when they are replacing their kitchen countertops.

These include:

Make use of safety equipment

As it applies in every DIY project, personal protective equipment is extremely crucial. In the case of countertop replacement, you will need proper shoes, glasses, masks, and gloves for protection. For instance, you never know when you end up dropping the hammer on your toe. Similarly, you may also accidentally end up stepping on a nail.

Furthermore, gloves are necessary in case you have to deal with hazards that include molds, asbestos, and lead paint.

Checking the proper fit for the new countertops

In case you are replacing the sink or other appliances, make sure that the connections are fitting in properly before you start installing. Moreover, also check if the gas lines, electrical wires, and the pipes are long enough in case there is a change in height. This particularly applies when you are changing the depth of the countertop.

Also, ask yourself if the garbage disposal will still get hooked properly.

Furthermore, you will also have to purchase a drain kit in case you are reinstalling everything on your own. This is because a new sink will only include the price of the shell.

Removing kitchen countertops

When everything is cleared and you have removed all appliances from the way, you can start removing the kitchen countertop. There are two ways in which kitchen countertops get installed. They are either screwed into brackets or simply rest on the cabinets.

In order to remove it, make use of a utility knife to cut the calk line. However, watch out! You do not want to mar the faces of the cabinets. In case there are brackets, unscrew them and lift the slab very gently. Scrape off any caulk that is left in excess, while being careful.

Checking for the level

Often at times, the cabinets are not at the right level. Professional countertop installers are expert at leveling the countertops. However, this is something that you can also do with a little practice.

Remove all things from your cabinets

When you are installing a new kitchen countertop, you can expect a lot of dust in the air. So make sure that all your dishes are transported elsewhere. Furthermore, all appliances should also be removed from the cabinets to prevent dust from getting into the internal components.

Review the new countertop

Often at times, materials are not cut on site. So in case you have a natural stone countertop, make sure that the cuts are placed right and the slap is totally okay. Before they cut the slab, ask to see the cut markings. In the case of a laminate bar top, make sure that a solid piece is used without any seams. It is extremely important to review and ask all types of questions when you are working with a countertop company.

Alternatively, you can simply take help from quartz or granite countertop installers Potomac. This would be the simpler way out as you will not have to deal with the hassle of reviewing the technicalities.


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