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How To Cut Cost Of Your Kitchen Remodeling

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Beautiful kitchen remodel in eclectic style

Your kitchen is the most functional space in the house. It is where you spend most of the time cooking and preparing and then sometimes even eating meals with family. When you think of renovation or kitchen remodeling, the kitchen is the first place you should remodel. The first thing should be countertops. You should look for engineered stone or granite countertops.

Remember that a beautiful and up to date kitchen adds value to your home. Visitors get impressed by a well-maintained kitchen. But yes, the remodeling of a kitchen is the most expensive of all. If you want to remodel your kitchen but are a bit tight on budget then read below to know the cost cutting measures for kitchen remodeling.


Your main focus should be on the things which are the most noticed and improve aesthetic appeal. Kitchen countertop is the first thing people would notice when they enter your kitchen. For countertop replacement, granite is the best choice but it is also the most expensive one. However, there are many man-made look alikes in the market now which give the same appeal as granite but are a lot cheaper. Laminate is one such option which can mimic any natural material for countertop that you want. Got for laminate which is light on budget as well as weight and will make your kitchen look completely new.


Believe it or not, but changing the hardware makes a huge impact on the overall look of the kitchen. Hardware will not cost that much and give a new feel to your kitchen. Change all the handles, knobs, and locks into brassy or attractive designs and see your kitchen shine.


Surely removing and installing new cabinets will be expensive and the after work of installing the machines will be even more costly. If you still want to change then instead of removing the whole interior cabinet, you can just opt for changing the cabinet doors. You can even go for ready to fix and assemble cabinets which are DIYs and less costly. Still it would be preferable if you get it fixed by a professional so that there is no problem later on.

It is advised that when you change the cabinets, make sure to keep all the machines and appliances in the same places as on the previous cabinets. You have attached the machines with the wires and switches and changing places will lead to more expenses as you will again have to fix or change the wires and the plugs.

If cost is a big issue and you still want to freshen up your cabinets then the best you can do is to get the cabinets painted. You can paint in a contrasting color with your kitchen and make the cabinets stand out.


The best splurge on your kitchen is on the appliances. Your machinery will last you a long time, preferable 15 to 20 years. If your old appliances are giving you issues with the functionality then you can sell it cheaper and buy a new one. Check for bargains and deals and surely you will find that new refrigerator or dishwasher that you have your eyes on since ages. Never buy appliances out of impulse which you are never going to use or use just once in a while. These things will deteriorate after a certain time, so spend on appliances which will give you value for money and are an everyday use item.

Go Slow

You do not need to remodel your kitchen all at once, you can go slow and steady and create your dream kitchen. Just change the basics then you can always renovate with time. You can add a backsplash later on which will not require a lot of construction, or you can add new lighting which makes your kitchen look bright or add some new open racks for storing more stuff.

An island with a coffee or breakfast section looks really trendy and is also useful for prepping meals and eating breakfast.

Always look for the best bargains and never opt for sudden purchases which you are going to regret later on. You should always visit the hardware or granite companies Potomac store and buy things in person if you want the best value for money and cut your costs.

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