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What Are Bamboo Silk Rugs

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Since traditional silk is not a cup of tea for every man jack, people in huge numbers are turning towards bamboo silk which is classy as well as affordable. Bamboo silk rugs are all the rage these days and crowds could be seen purchasing them at local rug stores and search for silk rugs near me.

Here’s what you need to know before purchasing a bamboo silk rug from a local rug outlet.

Difference between bamboo silk and traditional silk

A bamboo silk rug is not purely made of silk. It has some % of wool mixed with silk. On the other hand, a traditional silk rug is prepared by sheer silk that a silkworm produces in its cocoon and does not have even an ounce of wool in it. Bamboo silk rugs regardless of how they are prepared feel soft and squishy underneath your feet. They are not rough and tough contrary to what you may assume considering their origin.

The durability of bamboo silk rugs

A bamboo silk rug can linger on for years without showing any sign of obvious damage. It looks just as it was when bought from the store even after plenty of years — provided you do everything it takes to maintain it. Maintaining a bamboo silk rug is as easy and simple as maintaining any other rug; it does not require any special assistance so to speak. Just make sure you vacuum and dust it at least once a week and keep it from spills etc and it will be in good shape at least for 5 to 7 years.

Can they bear heavy traffic?

Well, they are not best suited for a heavy-mobility area. It’s better if you save these suave and beautiful rugs in one of those low-traffic areas. It will look splendid resting in a corner of your house where it catches your and your guest’s eye every now and then. It adds a great amount of fervor to the atmosphere and ambience of your house, so, just use it to your advantage.

A pair of small sharp scissors will take care of any sprouting (if it occurs)

Just because there are so many threads involved in braiding it tight, one or two of those threads can pull themselves with or without any external interference. This isn’t something to sweat over. Just take a pair of scissors and cut them off of the rest of the rug’s body. Keep it in your mind that sprouting often happens, you can take care of it yourself, you don’t need to go seek a professional’s help for that.

Do not excessively vacuum it especially with a beater bar

A bamboo silk rug is not as delicate as a traditional silk rug but it still is not tough enough to bear excessive vacuuming. Even if you vacuum it once a week which is regular and not excessive by any means, you need to see it is done without a beater bar. Do not carelessly run a vacuum over it as the texture of a bamboo silk rug is the actual treasure you need to be a keeper of. If the texture loses its gist, you have not much left to care for.

Never rub over a spill. Blot it away gently not harshly

It would be much better to keep it from any sort of spills as it is not good for its health to absorb any sort of liquid. Still, you cannot stop a few things from happening. In case you and your kids accidentally spill something on your bamboo silk rug, you need to quickly take action and blot the spill away. Do not get anxious over a small spill, it can be gotten rid of with gentle blotting. Some people get really worried all of a sudden and start forcing the spill down its very flesh and bones and it only makes things worse.

Make sure it isn’t 100% bamboo silk

People are a fan of expensive things like silk but they surely do not need to be overly excited for such a lavish purchase. You need to educate yourself on this note before making any purchase from rug stores Vienna VA and losing your hard-earned money to some vendor. A rug made of 100% bamboo silk is not a great option, the ratio is always around 70/30 and it should be — 70% bamboo silk and 30% wool, of course.

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