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How to design a sidewalk garden for your home?

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Home Garden Design

A sidewalk garden can add beauty to your front yard. To make the garden look impressive, you should have different colors, textures and heights. Go for seasonal flowers. In case the garden area is small or soil has fewer nutrients and there is a lack of water, think of multilayered garden with flowers that last for many seasons. These few tips can help create a sidewalk garden for your home.

Planting Flowers In Your New Sidewalk Garden

  1. Select the kind of garden you are looking for. It can be a rock garden, a mini cottage garden, herb garden, etc.
  2. Choose a color scheme such as lavender, pink, blue, as it can make the garden look bigger. Select species that grow up to 2 to 3 ft high. Flowers of the aster, yarrow and Agastache family are apt between mid-summer and fall. Rock rose is tolerant to dry soil. Single flowers such white or purple-pink last for a day, but best from summer through the fall. Long season bloomers include the pansy, purple coneflower, gloriosa daisy and catmint. These attract butterflies and birds. Day lilies and Bearded Iris are heat resistant plants. These blooms around early spring and last till summer. If there is a shortage of water, go for Black Jack, Autumn Joy, and French Lavender. Certain flowers from the lily family are low-maintenance.
  3. Make up your mind on what type of plants you want to plant. Remember it should not go beyond the width of your garden. Consider their blooming period, foliage, colors, textures and height before planting. Water and manure are of utmost importance.
  4. A scale drawing of the garden design can help you plant the taller plants away from the  sidewalk. Taller plants should not cover the entire ground. If required, there should be enough space between the plants for one to walk.
  5. Count the number of plants as per your plan and make a purchase. Take suggestions from a nursery expert in case of any doubts regarding the plants you wish to plant.
  6. Clear the soil before planting. Add manure and make the area smooth.
  7. Start by planting in the center of the bed and then work out. Ensure there is enough space for the plants because they will grow. Water the plants immediately.

Creating a sidewalk garden can also benefit the environment. Seek the advice of a professional landscaper if planning a sidewalk garden for your house.

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