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Quick Tips for Effective Chimney Sweeping

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Why is chimney sweeping important, you ask? Chimneys, just like your car, also need cleaning or servicing. When wood or coal is burnt, the smoke goes up your chimney and releases the chemicals as part of the natural burning process. Some of these can leave a deposit or stain behind on their way up. This is called the soot which includes creosote, a flammable substance. After some time, these deposits can block and soon, completely block your chimney. The soot must be cleaned in order to allow the smoke to escape again. If you fail to get it cleaned, there is the risk that your chimney will get clogged or worse, a chimney fire can take place. A cleaner and clearer chimney is much safer and efficient. Having your chimney swept can help save you money in the long run.

Aside from this, unused chimneys are often invaded by birds where they build their nests. Again, these can clog your chimney and there is the danger of setting fire to these nests which can increase the risks of setting fire to the soot.

How Often Should You Get Chimney Cleaned?

Most sweeps suggest cleaning at least once every year. In reality, when it comes to coal fires, you have to get these swept two times a year and four times annually for wood ones. It doesn’t mean, however, that your chimney will no longer need cleaning during the rest of the year. If you suspect that there is a blockage in your chimney, no matter how partial, it is always wise to have it inspected by professionals.

You also need to watch out for some signs like smoke in your room or a fire burning slower than usual.

What Type of Chimney Sweep Must Be Used?

A lot of people make the common mistake of going for a sweep with the cheapest price tag they can find. Well, this is a false economy and could actually be even more dangerous. It is recommended that you hire a local sweep who is reliable and experienced and will not leave a large mess behind instead of going for the first cheapest option that comes your way. Just as there are plenty of cowboy builders and you have to be very careful when you make a choice, it is sad to say that there are also a lot of inexperienced and unprofessional sweeps right now. It is recommended that you avoid those who only started the business and sweeps who offer their services for a very cheap price as opposed to seasoned sweeps. You must be wary of those whose prices are too good to be true because chances are they really are.

Did You Know?

A chimney sweep actually saved King George III’s life by stopping horses that got out of control. The King then proclaimed chimney sweeps to be bearers of good luck which paved way to the tradition wherein sweeps are invited to weddings and they endow a kiss to the bride for good luck.

Search for a chimney company near me and experience the difference of having your chimney cleaned by experts.

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