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Know More about Swimming Pool Designs Before Your Hire a Pool Design Contractor

Swimming pool floating in the Amazon River in Iquitos, Peru

Are you looking for a pool design contractor that can help you with planning the swimming pool for your backyard? A pool is a cool and fun addition to any home. But, while it is easy to imagine yourself going for laps right at your doorstep, coming up with great designs is unfortunately not your cup of tea.

Instead of rushing into things, it is best to consider first the specific type of pool you want to invest in. You have to consider things such as your lifestyle, safety, available space, maintenance cost and budget. The design you choose must also work well with the current design of your home and its individualistic characteristics like topography, soil, condition, accessibility and others. A hasty decision and its end result could make or break the focal point of attraction in your home.

Below are some vital information you have to keep in mind before you embark on your pool project:

Two Main Types of Pools

There are two primary pool types you can choose from, which include the following:

  • Above ground pools are the most convenient pool styles to build. Such pools are not permanent since these sit on your backyard ground. Since this is not built into the ground, you can easily transfer it if you move to a different house.
  • In ground pools are the most common and popular style for private homes. It is built right into the ground to become a permanent home feature.

Pool Shapes

Pools can also come in various sizes and shapes:

  • Curvy shapes are primarily designed for the in ground pools that add a more dramatic look to them. The kidney shaped pool is the most common which has a subtle curve.
  • Geometric shapes include the oval and rectangular ones as the most common choices. These are more affordable due to their simple construction and design.

Other Pool Styles

Aside from the shapes and types mentioned above that you can consider for your pool design, other famous pool styles you can choose from include:

  • Tile lined pool for a modern look
  • Wood pool for a rustic feel
  • Infinity pool for a more unique feature


Important Pointers to Help Keep in Mind for Your Pool Designs

  • Landscape themes for swimming pools are the newest trend in the market. You could choose from a tropical garden, flower garden, a Roman garden or even a pirate grotto. You can also incorporate fences for the safety of kids and pets.
  • As a new owner, it is a must to understand and evaluate the suitable filtration system for your new pool. A filtration system can help clean your pool although it may not suit your maintenance, comfort level and budget.
  • Upkeep and maintenance of your pool is an important aspect of being a swimming pool owner. Failure to choose the right parts for maintaining your pool might prevent you and your family from making the most out of your investment.

Make sure you consult with a reliable pool masonry contractor long island to know if the design you have in mind can work well for your situation or not.

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