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Tips for raising a child in a nuclear family

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Most of the children today grow up in a nuclear family where they live along with their parents. Unlike joint families there are no uncles, aunts and grandparents who will be there while the child grows up. On one hand it is advantageous as there is financial stability in the family and the child becomes self-dependent while growing up. However, on the other hand there are certain disadvantages too.

The situation becomes more disadvantageous when both the parents are working and they do not have enough time for the child. In such situation, growing up in nuclear family can create issues for the child. Hence, it is necessary for the parents to understand the challenges that may come along while they raise their child without the support of other family members. They must also understand how to cope with these challenges.

Problems faced by Parents while growing their child in nuclear family

  • Without proper supervision from the parents, the child tends to behave in an autonomous manner. While this is very good for building the confidence of the child, if it is not controlled could give rise to aggression in the child as he grows.
  • When parents are tired after the whole day of work they are not able to provide enough time to their child. This makes them feel resentful and gradually they get aloof from the family.
  • Another problem arises when parents become restrictive. They do not allow their kids to do anything on their own. The child is punished even for the smallest mistakes. It may make a child’s behavior good but they do not have self-confidence.
  • Children in nuclear family feel isolated as they do not have anyone else to whom they can turn to when they need. It may lead to issues like no respect for others, poor communication skills etc.
  • If the relation between the parents is not normal it has a devastating effect on the child, especially in case of a nuclear family. It may stop the child from having a normal childhood.

Tips for dealing with such problems

  • Parents must first understand their children well. Every child is different from the other one and if someone tries to raise their children in the same way their friend has, it may be devastating. So, try to understand the nature of your child, whether they are introvert or extrovert, do they love music or play around and work with them.
  • Be positive, at least in front of your children. When your child has done some mistake, in addition to pointing out the mistake, show them the way out as well. Do not do everything for them. Just show them the way and let them do it. You must be there behind them to see if they are going on the right path.
  • Although you live in nuclear family make sure you have good relation with other family members so your children understand and values family relationship.

Raising a child in a nuclear family is not that difficult if you follow these tips.

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