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Types of Men You Should Avoid As a Woman

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Every woman deserves the excellent man out there. When you are in the dating scene, you need to reject men that right waste your time and in the process upset you. Here are some of these men:

Married man

If you have been in the dating sight for some time, you must have come across lots of men posing as single while they are not. These men are just trying to take benefit of you and waste your time in the process. The most clear giveaway sign that a man is married is if he has 2 cell phones. Another sign if he is accessible only when he wants to or just accessible at odd times of the day. A married man also will never want you to visit his location. If come across such a person, don’t waste your time.


A narcissistic man is a man who believes that he is better than everyone else. Dating professionals will tell that you should not date a man that is not self-assured of himself, you should not touch a narcissistic man. While he will project self-esteem, he is not the best one for you. Such a man forever talks about himself. He will say how intelligent, attractive and a host of other self-appraisal things. In some examples, he will try to put down you.

To let know that you are dating a narcissist you need to listen to him discussion. You should also take a look at his social media IDs. If the IDs are a set of selfies with celebrities and people that are deemed top in society, you should run for the hills. It is just a matter of time before he begins feeling that he can do better than you and begin looking for the replacement.


Players are generally difficult to pick as most them are capable to hide too well. While this is the case, you can be capable to identify one if you are focus enough. A perfect sign is if he flirts with every lady that he comes across. Another sign is if he makes plan the final minute. The reason for this is because he was waiting for another lady to confirm. If the other lady does not verify, he comes to you. Such a man is a big waste of time and you should not touch with a ten foot pole.

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