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Signing Your Child Up For Dance Lessons? Key Ways To Help Ensure Your Little One Loves Class

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Looking for a fun way to get your child active? Dance lessons may just provide the perfect solution. Finding a studio that offers a diverse range of classes geared towards youngsters is a great way to help build a solid foundation for a love of movement and activity that can truly last a lifetime.

Of course, getting moving isn’t the only benefit that children enrolled in dance lessons enjoyed. These instructional classes offer a wide range of other health perks that include flexibility, strength and long term physical endurance. When incorporated as part of the backdrop of a child’s formative years, it’s easy to see why dance lessons can help instill a healthy sense of self and well-being that will be with them into adulthood.

Dance Lessons: Preparing Your Child For Success

Once you’ve determined that dance lessons make sense for your little one, it’s important to take the necessary steps to ensure that your child has a positive experience right from the start. The first way to ensure musical movement success? Getting the right gear. Checking with the class instructor before the first day of instruction is a great way to make sure you have everything you need; however, there are a few common things that will need to consider for any course you sign up for that include:

How your child wears her hair: Children with longer hair often need to pull it off of their face during class time. Not only can it prove a major distraction for children, but it can also impair their vision if it’s left loose and near their eyes while they are dancing. Additionally, certain courses will require the teacher to be able to see neck and shoulder lines to ensure a child is in proper position. Ponytails, buns and even headbands can help ensure that your little one’s hair is not a distraction during instruction.

What your child wears to class: As with any physical activity, having the right garments for your child’s dance lessons can make a world of difference. Some studios may require a specific uniform for each class, so it’s important to get that information in advance. If there isn’t a standard ensemble to wear, you will want to consider clothing such as leotards and tights that allow for plenty of movement when worn.

The type of footwear required: Finally, shoes can play a major role in setting your children up for success in the studio. Each class brings with it its own distinctive footwear. For example, tap, ballet and hip hop classes will all require different shoes designed specifically for the movement found in each session. Starting your little one off with the right footwear can help keep her comfortable and help prevent injuries.

A final bonus way to help solidify success on the dance floor? Ensure that these classes are something that your child is truly excited about. Forcing a little one to try a musical movement course when she isn’t ready (or simply doesn’t want to) is a surefire way to set yourself up for a dancing misstep.

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