Start The School Year Off Right! Teacher Presents Any Educator Will Love (And A Few They Won’t!)

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The beginning of the school year is fast approaching and for many parents this means it’s time to think of small tokens of appreciation. Before you shop, use this list to learn about the dos — and don’ts of educator gifts.

Do: Custom Stationery Gifts

Teachers are constantly jotting down notes, whether they’re sending a note home to a parent or sending a child to the school office for supplies. To keep them from constantly having to look for a piece of paper, consider custom stationery gifts. It’s possible to get these note pads imprinted with the teacher’s name, so there’s no doubt where the note came from and custom stationery gifts come in a number of sizes so an educator can choose the perfect size note, no matter what they need to say.

Don’t: Coffee Gift Cards

Coffee gift cards seem like something every educator can appreciate, however what happens if they don’t drink coffee? Many teachers may have hundreds of dollars of gift cards to the local coffee shop stashed away if they’re not coffee drinkers. Instead, give a gift card that anyone can actually use, such as for a local quick serve café, a bookstore or a big box store that sells groceries, school supplies and home decor. Your teacher can choose to use her gift card to fill her classroom with supplies and books or treat herself with a snack at the local café. However, if you know that your child’s teacher loves and visits the local coffee shop, don’t be afraid to give a coffee gift card.

Do: A Handmade Card

If you’re looking to show your appreciation, but you’re not sure how to do it, nothing says thank you like a handmade card from your child. A simple drawing can help make your teacher’s day and many educators hang these cards up in their classrooms, which gives your child’s ego a boost too. However, try to avoid all the ‘Pinterest’ themed homemade teacher presents that are all over the Internet. While the thought behind a gift like this is sweet and appreciated, the homes of many educators are overrun with these presents.

Don’t: Holiday Ornaments, Coffee Mugs, Etc

While it’s true that any gift is appreciated, some are more appreciated than others. If you’re tempted to purchase a “#1 Teacher” or an apple themed holiday ornament or coffee mug, consider focusing your efforts elsewhere. Many educators receive hundreds of these mugs and ornaments during their time as a teacher and just don’t have the space in their homes for any more. They end up in the donation basket simply because a teacher doesn’t have any more display space for them.

The best present for an educator is something personal with an actual use in the classroom like custom stationery gifts or a handmade card from your child. Before you go shopping, think about what your teacher can use and try to think outside the box. When you give something unique like custom stationery gifts, you can be sure that your gift is remembered and appreciated throughout the school year. specializes in the art of personalized stationery. The company’s custom stationery gifts ship in just 24-48 hours, which means customers can receive their items in less time than expected. To see the company’s items, please visit

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