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Difference Between Patio And Porch And Balcony

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When you are relaxed on your patio which is made by a stone patio contractor or a paver patio contractor you might implore the meaning of the terms patio, porch, and Balcony. These 3 areas are mostly misinterpreted as the same thing and are also used interchangeably in sentences which leads to wrong statements and information. You as an average Joe/Jane would not know the exact differences between the 3 terms but a stone patio contractor or a paver patio contractor will surely know the difference between these 3 terms.

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Below is a thorough definition of these 3 words which will help you in deciding the best for your house. Each is different in terms of features, design, and characteristics.


A porch is an extended outdoor version of a house or a building. It is usually low and covered and sheltered. Porches serve as perfect entrance ways for the house or a building. In American towns and countries, porches are a necessary part if the house as they do not let dirt in the house. Porches are most common in small towns and cities because they serve as spots to have small neighborhood conversations, have afternoon tea or coffee, to sit and read newspaper or books or just relax on sunny afternoons. They also serve as a shield and a pleasant entrance area for the house. The porch can be made of pavements and bricks and usually has chairs and table and is outlined by flowers and plants.


A balcony dates back to many centuries ago. A balcony is defined as an extended area of the upper floor of the house or building. Initially, the balconies used to be placed in large stone brackets or stone areas. Nowadays improvements and innovation and technology has changed the look of the traditional balcony and you can design it as artistically as you want and in any material. Balconies usually serve as space enlarges and provide shelter and sun and covers a generally small area. Balconies nowadays serve as a recreational purpose in apartments where people do not have access to their own backyard landscaping or garden.


A patio is another name for a backyard or a small garden in the front or back of the house. It is generally a sitting area outside the house. You can make your patio of any size and any style and it depends on you whether you want your patio to be covered, open or sheltered. It is also considered as a playing area for kids and a dining and relaxing area where you can relax, have coffee, snacks or even dinners. The patio is most commonly made of stones, marble, pavement, bricks, tiles, wood, concrete or any other material. You can contact a stone patio contractor long island or a paver patio contractor for the material you want your patio to be constructed in.

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