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What is knee joint replacement?

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Knee is a very important joint of human body which connects femur with tibia.  This joint helps a man to stand upright and do many activities like sitting, walking running etc.The knee joint often gets injured in accidents or s tarts deterioration as a result of aging. Damaged or ailing knee is often replaced by a prostheses knee to restore the functionality of the knee and this procedure is known as knee joint replacement surgery.   Metal, alloys, plastics, polymers etc are used for making the prosthesis. Your knee injury doctor decides the details about the prostheses needed for your knee joint taking into account factors like your weight, age, activity level, health condition etc. it takes only a few hours for completing the knee replacement surgery. But for rehabilitation it may take several months.

Visiting orthopedic clinic for joint replacement

Damage of knee is very common from both the arthritis named osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. When over the counter   medications and lesser invasive surgeries have been found to be futile doctors recommend knee joint replacement using artificial knees. Statistics show that every year around 600,000  knee replacements take place in the United Stated alone. For people above the age of 55, only knee surgeries are preformed.  For younger patients knee replacement surgery is carried out as they are more active in daily activities of life.

Knee replacement procedure

You will be provided with a hospital gown when it is time for the surgery. You will be given anesthesia so that you will not experience any pain during the surgery. The surgeon makes a long cut about you knee and the skin with the tissues are pulled back.  Damaged cartilages and the bones are cut and removed. The prosthetic knee joint will be fixed to the femur and tibia using cement, screws and pins.  After completing the surgical procedure, the incision will be stitched together and a bandage will be provided. You will be shifted to recovery room after the surgery.

After the knee surgery

Patient’s leg will remain stiff after the surgery.  As you are experiencing pain, pain killers will be given intravenously. Medications will be provided to prevent blood clotting.  Physical therapy can be started on the same day for promoting blood flow to the knee and the tissues there.  A special brace for promoting passive motion can be used now. Based on your condition your knee injury doctor woodbridge va will allow leaving the hospital within a few days. Proper physical therapy under the guidance of a trained physical therapist can bring your knee back to normal within a few weeks or months.

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