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Wholesale Oriental Rugs – Adding Elegance and Beauty to Your Home

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Wholesale oriental rugs can be bought in various patterns and colors, and all of them are guaranteed to bring elegance and beauty to your home décor. If you want to decorate any room, you can always count on these rugs to do the job for you.

What are Oriental Rugs?

The term oriental in oriental rugs refer to rugs made anywhere in the Asian continent. These include Persian, Afghanistan, Indian, Pakistan, and Caucasian rugs, and rugs from Morocco, Egypt, Tibet, Turkey, and other Asian countries.

Every country creates it unique quality and style of rug, even though most are imitations of the Persian designs and modern Indo-Persian and Tibetan designs. Rugs made by hand are ancient arts, with the designs reflecting their ethnic and religious structures found in the history of the specific countries of origin. These designs remain produced these days, at times by hand and at times using a modern rug weaving machine. Common patterns are traditional garden or floral motifs, usually with central medallion, or curvilinear or geometric design, or even central scenes resembling paintings.

How to Shop for Oriental Rugs to Improve Your Home Décor

When decorating with oriental rugs, it is a must to consider both design and color. The color must be harmonious with the rest of the colors of the specific room where you will place the rug and must repeat the accent or dominant colors,, or include shades of one or several of them. When the colors are compatible with the rest of the room’s colors, even modern homes can be enhanced by famous traditional designs using oriental rugs.

When looking for an appropriate design, you have to consider how you will use the rug. When the middle part of the rug will be very visible, a scene, central motif or medallion is a wonderful option. However, if the center of the rug will be placed under a bed or dining room table, it will be best to opt for a repetitive design or one in which most of the interest and detail is found in the borders.

Very colorful contemporary oriental rug with extremely busy designs will be able to bring your subdued rooms to life, while those with limited color palette and simple designs are perfect for rooms that are already busy and colorful. Geometric designs are ideal in modern or new homes, while curvilinear designs suit traditional and modern homes.

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