Quick Guide for Chafing Dishes Rentals

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There are now a lot of chafing dishes rentals out there but before you settle for one, you might want to know more about chafing dishes first.

Round or rectangular are the most common chafer shapes. However, there are alternate shapes available for different purposes. Main entrees are often served from a rectangular or oval chafing dish while desserts and sides are usually served from round models.

Chafing Dish Shapes

  • Round – A famous shape of chafing dish, round chafers are commonly used for sauces, desserts and side dishes. The half round chafers are being used for sides and appetizers.
  • Rectangular – Among the most standard shapes of chafing dishes, the rectangular chafing dishes are often used for the main entrees. The oblong chafers are less common and these are used for sides and appetizers.
  • Oval – Providing a more contemporary look compared to rectangular chafers, the oval chafing dishes are usually used for the main entrees.
  • Square – A somewhat less common shape, the square chafing dish is meant for sides and appetizers.

Types According to Purpose

  • Drop In Chafer – Drop in chafer dishes are permanently installed on the tabletop or serving countertop. This offers an upscale presentation at hotel continental breakfast stations, buffers and other permanently installed food service stations on site.
  • Soup/Marmite – Soup or marmite chafers are commonly used for holding warm soup, sauce stew, hot cereals, gravies and other liquids.
  • Chafer Griddle – A chafer griddle is ideal to keep already cooked food items like breakfast sandwiches, pancakes and hot while these are being served. This can be used in buffets, hotels and other catered cooking events in order to help emit a delicious food scent that will entice diners.
  • Coffee Chafer Urn – A famous serving option in catered events, buffets and hotels, a coffee chafer urn is being used to dispense and hold coffee and other in demand hot beverages. You can say goodbye to lukewarm temperatures for your favorite drinks with the help of these chafers with event rental company nyc.

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