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What Are The Challenges Of Moving A Furnace

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Many people ask how they can easily relocate their furnace to do any type of upgrades in their house. If you’re asking the same question, keep in mind that there surely are some issues and difficulties that you might encounter in this process. These problems might be unique to your usage scenario and you may need to hire HVAC companies.

Relocating the furnace can help you make space for further upgrades in your house. However, you might suffer from unexpected troubles when going through the relocation process.

Chimney Issues

One of the biggest issues that you might encounter while relocating the furnace is chimney issues. Chimney pipe connection can be a headache if your furnace needs a chimney connection wherever it is placed. However, this issue is non-existent with electric furnaces since they don’t need a vent. So, you can convert from a gas to an electric furnace to solve this issue. If you have an efficient furnace, vent won’t be much of an issue since you can extend the PVC vent to help solve the vent issue.

However, extending the pipe can have its own limitations depending on how far away the chimney is from the furnace.

If you’re planning to extend the piping, you should hire an expert in this field to help you relocate the furnace safely. Also, depending on the length and quality of the pipe you want to get, the process might cost you $450 to $800.

Ductwork Complications

Ductwork is also one of the biggest issues that you might encounter when installing the furnace in a new location in your house.

So, you should get an expert’s help in resolving the ductwork related issues. The expert can place the furnace in a good location in your house to make managing the ducts easy in your house. The ducts must be of a good quality and reasonable width to allow easy airflow.

Return Air Ducts

Return air ducts can be an issue especially in basements and second floors. Usually, the return air ducts should be wide enough to keep pulling equal amounts of air back from the system to the air which is being supplied by the furnace. Good ducts always make sure that your furnace operates at its peak efficiency and breaks down less often. You can also expect the furnace to last for a long period of time. You should hire an expert to help you with this issue as well.

Consider These Things When Relocating Your Furnace

Relocating a furnace can become a headache if you don’t pay attention to the little details that need to be considered before relocating it. So, here are some things that you should consider when relocating your furnace.

  • You should place the furnace near a place where sufficient air intake is available. Not only intake, but the air should also be able to circulate through the area easily.
  • Place the furnace near a gas or electrical line to provide it with the much needed power easily. Doing this will allow you to prevent extending the power connection too much.
  • The area in which you’re looking to install the furnace should have a furnace vent installed, or there must be enough room to install a furnace vent.
  • Last but not the least, the place where you’re looking to place the furnace should also have enough room to accommodate the furnace easily. When replacing the furnace in a new location, leave enough room around it to allow the technician to do repair work easily.

Where Should I Install My Furnace?

In many houses, the architects already leave enough space for easy installation of a furnace in the houses they make.

Below mentioned are some of the best places to place furnaces in your house:


Basement can be one of the best options you have to place a furnace in. Basement provides you with a perfect opportunity to keep the furnace out of your way, but still have a decent airflow. However, you should keep the furnace placed in your basement a bit elevated off the ground to leave space for flooring.


You can also place your furnace in a garage, utility room, laundry room, attic or any other place which is easily available for the installation of a furnace in your house. You can also ask furnace services Arlington VA to recommend the best place for furnace relocation.

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