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Stone Patio Design and Installation Process – Important Tips To Follow

Close-up of construction worker installing and laying pavement stones on terrace, road or sidewalk. Worker using stones and rubber hammer to build stone sidewalk

Look for a suitable stone patio contractor if you are planning to redecorate your landscape garden area with some beautiful stone pavers. Foremost part is to find a reliable contractor who possesses strong knowledge on how to carry out the job. Unless the contractor has expertise in this area, no matter how beautiful limestone or flagstone material be, the end results will never be satisfactory.

The importance of concrete footing

When it’s about installing stone patio in Long Island, never overlook the importance of concrete footing. It’s a must to include in the process. With the concrete footing part taken into consideration, the longevity factor increases. If a contractor tries to bypass the concrete foundation part to reduce the overall costing, then there is definitely something not right with the professional.

The ugly truth is that nearly 80% if the contractors will try to convince you to avoid concrete footing. They will try to lay the stone on top of the base material. This not only saves their overall costing but also a lot on their effort. But you need to avoid this type of contractors. Follow their recommendation and you will never complain about the fantastic appearance of the patio; However the longevity factor will come under the scanner since it will not withstand harsh climatic condition, soil movement, and erosion after a couple of years. The pricing drops significantly once the concrete footing part is eliminated from the job. If you have serious budgetary constraints to cope up with, then only do opt for NO FOOTING option. Otherwise, eliminating it from the process can be risk and bad ROI.

Size specification and designing part

Speaking about stone patio design for the beautiful outdoor landscape, the footing or slab should have a thickness of minimum 4 inches. If structural limitations persist, then the thickness can be reduced to a maximum 3½ inches. A reputed masonry contractor can resolve the space limitation issue in the most effective manner possible. The perfect blend of concrete slab and mortar ingredients will ensure perfect strong and solid base installation.

Picking the right patio contractor

Before finalizing on a stone patio, you need to check reviews from websites, seek references from close ones, and take quotes from different agencies to have a clear understanding of the services being offered. The contractor should have proper knowledge regarding additives, curing process, and chemistry of the masonry and concrete.

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