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Commercial Oven Repair – Door Seal Maintenance

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Commercial oven repair could be a tricky task if planning to get it done all by your own. Operation wise, there is not much difference in between electric and gas ovens. When repaired through professional experts, there is not much to think about. The spares are mostly available and it would not take much of time to get the job done. Professional help would allow for quick disassembling of the parts and getting them serviced as per the needs.

The common malfunctions in Commercial ovens

Most of the common malfunctions being caused by these appliances are mostly because of ignition of the gas in the ovens and burners. It is because of faulty heating elements that cause the malfunctioning.

Taking the first step                     

First of all, it is necessary to inspect the device properly. Professional services would be the best to carry out this part. Try to understand the root cause of the problem. However, before getting the inspection done, it is essential to unplug the device to prevent any kind of hazards and accidents with cooking ovens. In case there is ground wiring, disconnect it completely. You need to close the valve for the gas supply properly.

Taking care of the oven door

With the passing of time, commercial ovens tend to show inefficiency in producing significant amount of heat for the cooking purpose. It might take longer to get the cooking done. It might also be taking up higher units of electricity to function. There might be some kind of diffused heat to be felt all around the oven. Such issues tend to happen due to loose fittings of the oven door and improper seal structure.

In order to keep the door seal tightly installed, it is necessary to check the seal at regular intervals. Also, it is not recommended to provide extreme force to the oven door. You should never hang some kind of heavy objects off the door otherwise it would result loosening of the hinge. This would ultimately result in loosening of the oven door seal. In order to check with the seal tightness, it is recommended to stick a small paper in between the door seal. Observe whether the seal is sliding in and out without any problem. If such is the scenario, the seal is definitely loose. In case the seal is too loose, it’s always better to replace the hinge or gasket. Carrying out this kind of commercial oven repair Arlington would never be a costly affair.

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