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How To Use Black Quartz Countertops For Best Appearance

New home remodel with new kitchen and diningroom in eclectic style

If you are looking for something dark and ethereal as a countertop replacement, then look no further. Black quartz is the material you want to go for. It looks extremely gothic and dark, but there are elements of class and minimalism to it as well.

Black Quartz For The Bathroom

If you are confused as to where you want to install the majestic black quartz countertop instead of your kitchen, then the bathroom is the next best place to do so. Black quartz in bathrooms make the space look ethereal and dark, but also very beautiful and unique. You can either opt to install black quartz as the bathroom countertops, or you can also make fixtures out of it, like your bathroom sink, bath tub, shower cubicle, soap holders, vanity, etc. There are so many ways by which you can decorate your bathroom with black quartz. There is also a plethora of finishes you can choose from. You can go for a matte or glossy finish, a patterned or shimmery finish, the choices are endless.

Black Quartz For The Kitchen

Kitchen countertops made out of black quartz is such a sight to see. Black quartz countertops look very distinct and beautiful while adding sharp edges to the look as well. They promote their ethereal beauty to the kitchen countertop, but they don’t completely cut off the symmetry of the room either. They look extremely beautiful and it is a different color choice to go for, if you are feeling the need to change things up a bit.

As A Kitchen Island Material

Black is a great accent color to go for, if you are too scared to make all of your countertops look black. You can start off slowly with just installing the black quartz to your kitchen island. As a black kitchen island, your kitchen will have an accent piece which will make it look distinct and unique. From here on out, you can see if you are comfortable with the color, and you can slowly incorporate more black into your kitchen.

Black Quartz With Steel

Black quartz countertops with steel cabinets or fixtures is the most trendy and modern kitchen look that people are living nowadays. Black and stainless steel is a great contrast and it looks extremely edgy and minimalistic. There is nothing you need to add more to this combination, it looks amazing as it is. Steel and quartz are a killer combination because both materials are durable, easy to clean and maintain and they last for years, so who wouldn’t want this combination in their kitchen. It also makes the kitchen seem spacious and extremely modern.

Contrasting Bathrooms

As mentioned above, stainless steel and quartz go great together, but did you know that light and dark colored quartz work together in harmony too? You can try this combination in your bathroom, where the cabinets and accents can be of light colors and the surface if the bathroom countertops cab be black quartz. This combination is going to blow your mind, and it will not look as gothic as an entire black bathroom. If you want to tone down the effect of black quartz, then you can certainly do so, by adding a lighter color in contrast. This will add a lot of character to your bathroom.

Add A Little Sparkle

There are a lot of finishes that are available in black quartz. One of them is a sparkly finish, which has star-like sparkles scattered around beautifully. This finish is very famous among people and they mostly opt it for their kitchen islands or bathroom surfaces. The sparkle on the surface comes due to the presence of mica. It settles on top of the surface of the quartz and makes it look like stars in a night sky. This is a great choice of material to go for, if you want to add a pop of sparkle.

With this information, you have a lot to go off about black quartz, its designs and different ways by which you can dress up your kitchen countertops with this uniquely colored rock. Make sure you choose the right contractors for quartz countertops NC to get a high quality material and flawless installation.

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